2022 SBT P1 AquaX National Champion Profiles: Sam Nehme

Image: RonnyMac per AquaX

More than fifty riders across three race classes went head-to-head in St. Petersburg Florida, the final stop on the five-circuit SBT P1 AquaX National Championship. Riders vied for national titles and the chance to qualify for the Bahamas World Championship in November.

Sam Nehme – 200 AM Enduro class (Yamaha GP1800 SVHO)
17-year-old high school senior Sam Nehme from South Florida has been racing nearly his entire life, and is now sponsored by Broward Motorsports, Yamaha, Judge Motorsports, Cabrera Motorsports, Shoei, Jettrim, Jetpilot, Worx Racing and Wamiltons Customs.

Sam’s father (also named Sam) is the President of Broward Motorsports, a multi-location motorsports dealership in Florida. Sam plans to work at the family dealership after graduating. Sam keeps race-ready with a strict exercise regimen and regular weekend practice on his ski.

This is Sam’s first full season of AquaX racing because he was not old enough to compete in the AM 200 class. Sam did race the Ski class in AquaX previously.

According to a P1 AquaX press release, Sam has won a number of titles in both the Ski and Sport classes and for 2022 he dominated the 200 AM class, finishing more than fifty points ahead of Kevin Sullivan in second place.

When asked why he thinks he’s been so successful this season, Sam replies: “I’ve been in good shape and I’m riding a very fast and reliable ski that hasn’t let me down. It takes the combination of a great team in your pits, a fast and reliable ski and also conditioning your body to perform at maximum capacity for each 30-minute moto.”

Like all the P1 AquaX riders, Sam travels from April through to September to compete in the National Championship and then, having qualified for the AquaX Bahamas World Championship, he will be heading to Nassau in early November to race in the 300 AM class.

“I’m very excited to be competing in that class for the first time and it will be a great stepping stone for me to jump into the Pro class next season,” comments Sam.

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