America Invaded by Aussies: Well At Least By Five


Look out America, you are about to be invaded. Invaded by Aussies…well, five at least. Five of of Australia’s best freeriders are about to hit the Blowsion Surf Slam. But before they left Oz, we got the chance to have a chat and take some shots.


The Watercraft Journal: Mitch Young so tell us a bit about yourself and what got you into the sport.
Mitch Young: “I’ve been riding standup jet skis for five years. I have done a lot of sports in my life like surfing, football, MX, and skydiving and I was alright at all of them, but always got to a certain level and wouldn’t progress anymore. I have found with freeriding I am always progressing, my mates and I are always trying to raise the bar.

“My first ski was an SXR 800 believe it or not. It was also the first ski I flipped. Then I moved onto the JB1 then a Predator and now I’m on a small competition hull, a Krash Industries Footrocket. Inside is a Flame ignition, 950 Dasa, 148mm pump, 48 Novis, Power Factor. It has plenty of punch, which I love. I ride at a spot an hour and a half from home called Inverloch. It’s a beautiful coastal town in Gippsland. With a boat ramp and only a three minute ride to the surf it’s perfect and uncrowded. I’m very lucky to have the sponsors that I do, Jetpilot, AJSP, Krash Indistries, ATP, Dasa, Urcheon.


“As this sport is very expensive, whether it’s money, cheaper parts, free labor or free clothes, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you. I have won the Australian Titles two years in a row, I’m still yet to win an IFWA round.

“This is my best year on tour, having earned a second place in Australia, fifth in France and another second in the UK, it took Mick Anthony and myself a lot of money and three years on tour to work out what the judges are looking for and what gets the scores. I hope for Surf Slam the same as I hope for every round, to win. But I know that this is going to be one of the toughest rounds this year. With only three points separating Mick and myself, and Pierre (seven-time world champion) not too far behind its going to be a close finish. Not to mention the other guys in the Top 20 who could easily knock us out in one of the earlier heats.

“For Surf Slam, I will be borrowing Zack Bright’s spare 850 Dasa Krash Industries Predator, which I owe a huge thank you to Zack for I’m sure one day I’ll be able to return the favor. Thanks everyone for your support and my mates back home who I ride with every weekend you guys are the best.”


WCJ: OK, Brodie Copp. Tell us about yourself.
BC: “I’m 21 years old, I live on the Gold Coast and my local ride spots are South Stradbroke and The Spit. I have been riding stand ups for three years now, starting out in 2011 on a Yamaha SuperJet. I began competing in the Amateur class for the Krash Industries Australian Titles in 2012 and ended up coming first overall. This was a great year for me because not only was I the Australian Amateur champion but I was also offered my first major sponsorship with JetPilot.

“Shortly after I became apart of the JetPilot team, Australian Jetski Parts also gave me the opportunity to represent their company as a sponsored rider. Not long after being picked up by these wicked sponsors, I sold my SuperJet and was on my first Rickter FR2 Evo1 as it came into 2013 and I began my first year riding in the Pro class.

“After coming second at the first round of the 2013 Krash titles, I picked up three more sponsors; Rickter, Dasa and Cold Fusion and I decided to build a fresh new Rickter Evo1 using the best parts that my new sponsors had to offer.

“The next round of the Krash titles was held in Melbourne and was also the first round of the IFWA world tour. I ended up 5th in the Krash titles and 9th in the IFWA which was not my best result but after giving it all I had I was happy to walk away with helpful feedback from international judges giving me something to work on for the next event.


“My definite highlight from this event was performing my very first double barrel roll and landing it in one of the Krash title heats where I competed against Mitch Young. Only a couple of months after was the final round of the Krash titles held on the Sunshine Coast. The surf was very small leaving it up to the high powered skis to perform, and luckily enough my new ski had a 950 Dasa engine helping me make it to the semi finals and finishing off with a third in the event and an overall 3rd in Australia for the Pro class.

“Over the past month, I have been training hard and riding as much as I can in preparation for the final round of the IFWA in America – the Blowsion Surf Slam held in Pacific City, Oregon. I am pretty excited about this event as it will be my very first overseas competition. My good mate Brandon Lawlor has been kind enough to lend me his sister’s Rickter to ride for the comp, which is set up almost exactly the same as mine. I am looking forward to pushing myself to the limits at this event and all events in the future to see how far I can go in this awesome sport.”

Brock Taylor, the 21 year old young gun that lives on the Gold Coast is an amazing rider to watch. Don’t get us wrong, they’re all good. Different styles, different techniques. But if you want to see something a little out of control, keep an eye on Brock. After hanging out with Brodie and Brock last Friday and having the pleasure to photograph these two legends rip up the big Surf on the Gold Coast, we heard only a week later that Brock had Broken his arm practicing. We had a quick chat.


WCJ: OK Brock Taylor, what happened?
vth_g4G1a4ddW-rQaQerZUFFKSuXJ7XK0DF_nCwsH9g,olb7LQhmZyE2IetuCm6DdUiNBCGDSGa-FwDMo4bH_hQ,F1tuzxwPp0kb8ZQUipQJe5uD72MfT6ZmVSq1QWp9vH0BT: “I was really looking forward to the next month coming up starting with heading over to the US for the Blowsion Surf Slam and coming back for Rip ‘n Ride and the Dasa Nationals.

“I went riding at Maroochydore on Saturday day and lost the ski in the air and ended up coming down onto my forearm which already had plates in it. Bit of a shame but everything happens for a reason and I look forward to getting back on the ski as soon as everything has healed probably.

“I just like to thank Worx Racing Products, JetPilot, Australian Jetski Parts and the Wetseat For all the help this year.”

Also in the mix is Mick Anthony and Dave McAleese. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to have a chat to these guy before they left. But we know one thing for sure, with Mick Anthony leading the IFWA points table and Mitch Young right behind him, everyone else better bring there A Game. And we’re sure Zac Bright and Mark Gomez and plenty of the other boys will be snapping at there heals with plenty of points up for grabs. So at the end of the day its not about the results, it’s about all the mates you make on the way. So don’t be shy, go up and say “G’day” to the Aussies and wish them luck.

All images courtesy of Photo by Skip. For prints or downloadable versions, please click the hyperlink.

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