AquaX Announces Ambitious Schedule for 2016


AquaX, the rapidly growing stock PWC racing series, will be undergoing some changes for 2016. These changes should bring even more new riders and fans to the sport! AquaX released their ambitious plans for 2016, including the dividing of riders into Amateur and Pro level competition. They feel this move will give some up and coming riders a chance to grow in the sport before they step up and take on the pros. Also, as you may have already heard, they have arranged for an additional championship in the Great Lakes region. Along with that, they have announced a completely new race style for sport and ski classes.

The AquaX staff has decided that while the wide open courses best suit the larger, faster runabouts produced today, the closed course racing form best suits the Sport and Ski riders. They will be holding both Enduro events, which are the traditional AquaX course format for the full sized runabouts, as well as Sprint events, which will be closed course races for the sport and ski classes. The Sprint events will follow IJSBA closed course class technical rules of both Sport Stock and Sport GP.

Initially, the Sea-Doo Spark will be eligible for Sport class competition to attract new racers, but may be split into its own class once it grows some. The ski category will be split into Junior, Amateur, and Pro classes, to provide a more natural “stepping stone” into Pro class.

Along with the racing series in Florida, there will be a three round Enduro series in the Great Lakes region, as well as the IJSBA National Championships being held in Chicago. This will also promote growth of the AquaX series by giving racers from the Midwest and New England area a chance to compete. There will also be an Amateur Enduro series for runabout racers who are not quite on the Pro level just yet. This will give racers a chance to enter the sport without having to compete against the top riders in the series. We think this will be a more welcoming environment for new racers, and will give them a chance to take home some hardware as well.

Here’s how the tentative 2016 AquaX schedule looks:
AquaX Amateur Enduro Florida Championships
RD1 – 9th April Tavares, FL –
RD2 – 23rd-24th April Daytona, FL
RD3 – 21st May Kissimmee, FL
RD4 – 2nd-3rd July Sarasota, FL

AquaX Pro Enduro Championships
RD1 – 23rd-24th April Daytona, FL
RD2 – 2nd-3rd July Sarasota, FL
RD3 – 10th-11th Sept Chicago, IL
RD4 – 29th-30th Oct Cocoa Beach, FL
RD5 – 12th-13th Nov Palm Beach, FL
RD6 – 19th-20th Nov Fort Lauderdale, FL

AquaX Sprint Atlantic Championships
RD1 – 23rd-24th April Daytona, FL
RD2 – 29th-30th Oct Cocoa Beach, FL
RD3 – 12th-13th Nov Palm Beach, FL
RD4 – 19th-20th Nov Fort Lauderdale, FL

AquaX Amateur Enduro Great Lakes Championships
RD2 – 6th-7th August Whiting, IN
RD3 – 10th-11th Sept Chicago, IL

IJSBA National Championships
9/10-11 – Sept Chicago, IL

*some dates are still to be confirmed. You can find more info on the AquaX race series and their schedule for 2016 here.

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