AquaX USA Celebrates 2016 With Season Recap


As the year comes to an end we reflect on this past years racing season. This year was especially busy as the USA-held its first P1 AquaX Pro Series. Riders from across the globe flocked to USA to ride and try to win a title. There were a total of five racing rounds that left many people in shock, happiness, and sadness. This will be a brief recap as you can read the full recap on the link provided.

The tour started in the beginning of April in Lake Dora in Tavares, Florida. This race was exceptionally exciting as Yamaha FX SVHO rider Chris Saxon was able to clinch first and second in the two races to ultimately win. With the tour already off to a great start we moved to beautiful Daytona Beach. A total of 24 pro racers were suited up with the rest of the amateurs and put on a dominating performance.The top three winners were no surprise as the crowd heard: “Chris MacClugage, Craig Warner and Aero Aswar.” MacClugage was crowned the victory but the riders behind him were close. There was a scare when Cyrille Lemoine was involved in a serious crash that would leave him out for the rest of the season with a leg injury. Chris Saxon continued to dominate in the 300 class as he won three for three.

The next stop was Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida. The race here was for amateurs and there was a change in the top spot as Sea-Doo rider Richard Lopez was the overall weekend winner. However this would be his last race of the year which would make a difference in the title races. When the pros returned in Sarasota they were made known as MacClugage endured two DNF’s before his final race of the weekend. Even though MacClugage was able to win his final race of the weekend, Aswar was able to be the winner for the weekend overall. Eric Francis and Brian Baldwin put on impressive performances as they were second and third were able to move up in the standings while on the way to Chicago for the third round of racing.

WIth the Great Lakes hosting their first ever event the amateurs put on quite a show while the pros watched. The course was tight but that did not stop any rider from trying their best to do what they do best. Rider Jay Edworthy decided to make the trip from Canada to the Great Lakes and his trip was made all the worthwhile as he wa able to grab the top spot. In the pro races there were mechanical issues, ejections and buoy penalties but that is what makes this sport of racing so much more exciting!

After a quick break for the riders, the Pro Series was back on and in full swing. The final races was a doubleheader that started in Lake Worth and the series finale in Fort Lauderdale. MacClugage went into the race knowing that if he made one small mistake he would not will the title. Well whatever he did to prep for the race paid off as he race three races with no error. Aswar who had a terrific season was involved in a crash in which he fell off of his watercraft and came in contact with Francis. Francis was able to reboard his watercraft and finish second but with some mechanical issues it pulled him down to 12th place in the final event. Joe Harvey who is a UK rider was the runner-up in the UK Series as Saxon was able to clinch the win. With all of the male rider news crowding the air, we can not forget the only female rider in the Pro Series Anya Colley who was able to finish fourth place.

This year was the first year that USA would be hosting and man did they put on a great display to showcase the amazing riders! Huge thanks to all of the countless sponsors who were able to make this event possible.

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

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