Bring It Back To Life With Blacktip Jetsports’ Elite Traction Mats & Seat Covers


Let’s face it, purchasing a brand new personal watercraft sure sounds tempting but many of us simply cannot justify the monthly expense – especially with the holidays upon us. That is why so many PWC enthusiasts have turned to used PWC sales. In fact, the influx of new pre-owned buyers has spurred manufacturers like Yamaha to offer official certifications for some pre-owned units. “Used” once was a dirty word, but with so much effort going into protecting the consumer from buying a lemon, that picking up a new-to-you older unit can still be as satisfying a purchase as a brand new unit.

Unfortunately, for most older units, the wear of time and bleaching sun’s rays can leave them looking less than appealing. Cracks in the vinyl seat covers, snags and tears in the factory foam traction mats can make your would-be purchase a no-go. Thankfully, there are easy solutions to turn any potential basket case into a fixer-upper and save you literally thousands of dollars in either purchasing a new or newer PWC. With some help from our friends at Watercraft Superstore and Blacktip Jetsports, any worn and weary PWC can look cool, clean and custom in no time.

Every year, Watercraft Superstore (WCSS) features a restoration segment in their annual “magalog” (a hybrid magazine and catalog). The Clearwater, Florida-based personal watercraft mega-retailer not only supplies the industry the single-most vast collection of replacement and performance parts, but riding gear, apparel, accessories and even water toys to help the average enthusiast eke out the most fun from their PWC-owning experience. In addition to WCSS’ gallery of goodies, is Blacktip Jetsports, the manufacturer of some of the highest-quality traction mats and seat covers available to the market today.

Above: An old or sun-bleached seat cover need not keep you from purchasing a pre-owned watercraft. With the addition of a BlackTip Jetsports Elite replacement seat cover, you can dial back the clock and make it look new.

Above: A professional upholster can quickly reskin a seat cover in a matter of minutes, but that’s not to say the job can’t be done at home too. All you’ll need is a professional-grade staple gun, some heavy duty staples, pliers and some elbow grease.

Focusing specifically on their Elite line of traction mats and seat covers, one can immediately add a splash of color and personality to their personal watercraft to not only dial back the years, but also make the watercraft look a little bit more custom. With 15 different colors and material patterns available, Blacktip Jetsports can literally put the “personal” back in personal watercraft, allowing the customer to design their own seat and traction mat patterns and color combination. Within a few minutes of perusing Blacktip Jetsports’ online store, anyone and quickly and easily create their own custom look.

Moreover, every single Blacktip Jetsports traction mat is made using the most advanced CNC cutting machines here in the United States of America, you know that the kit is precise, perfectly cut to the right pattern, and made with the same high level of quality each and every time. While some smaller outlets offer handmade mats, the product often doesn’t have the same level of precision that a computer-controlled CNC-cut kit can provide. Equally, all traction mats are layered on BlackTip Jetsports own proprietary PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), making installation of the kit as simple as applying peel-and-stick decals.

Blacktip Jetsports is able to create such unique color-layered and textured patterns via a proprietary laminating process. When each laminated sheet of foam is ready, it’s laid beneath the CNC cutter that exactly and cleanly removes material to reveal the beveled edges, smooth transitions and creative patterns only found through Blacktip Jetsports – and we’re just talking about a traction mat here! Every kit has been precisely measured and patterned using a 3D scanning device to fit every make and model watercraft sold. If Blacktip Jetsports doesn’t have the correct measurements, they won’t “guess” and hope it fits. Either it’s right, or it’s not available yet.

Above: Installation of a BlackTip Jetsports Elite mat kit is not only quick and easy to do at home, but also is very rewarding on several levels; installing it yourself saves money, Elite mat kits can greatly improve the look and personality of a PWC, and the wide range of textures and colors not only improve the look, but traction and comfort of your ride.

Above: The combination of a BlackTip JetSports Elite mat and seat kit can radically change the overall look and appeal of any personal watercraft – new or old.

When it comes to Blacktip Jetsports’ hand-sewn Elite seat covers, the level of expertise is just as impressive. Just as before, ordering a Blacktip Jetsports Elite seat cover has been made gratefully simple thanks to Watercraft Superstore’s search engine optimization feature. Using the easy-to-follow prompts, simply plug in the year, make and model of your PWC, Blacktip Jetsports’ page will provide you a predetermined template with a variety of color and texture options (as well as all of WCSS’ suggested parts and accessories for items specific to your vehicle). Next, simply choose the pattern for your specific model, and Blacktip Jetsports’ array of colors and materials will appear, allowing your inner interior designer to come out.

Once satisfied with the pattern you’ve created, simply submit your order and a confirmation email will be sent back to you with an estimated time of shipping and arrival. Over the years, WCSS’ has demonstrated its commitment to delivering within days of an order. Even when the pressure is on, WCSS will make good on an estimated delivery date no matter the circumstances. It’s an incredible promise to make and thus far, Blacktip Jetsports and the WCSS has always made good on their commitment. And true to their word, a gorgeous, hand-stitched seat will arrive at your doorstep along with installation instructions (as well as an on-call customer service center who can help resolve any questions or concerns if any are to spring up).

Soon, what was once a budget-friendly but not so glamorous used PWC can be striking without having to break the bank. More importantly, the added traction and comfort that comes with a new Blacktip Jetsports Elite seat cover and traction mat kit will provide better riding confidence and a little more added pleasure in your PWC ownership experience. And not to put too fine a point on it, all Blacktip Jetsports traction mats and seat covers will be 50-percent off this coming “Black Friday” only. If you wait for the weekend, you’ll save 30-percent off on Saturday and Sunday. And WCSS will also have some apparel and other accessories on sale, so make sure to check out the store at

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