BRP Launches New CSR Program; Strengthens Commitment to “Social Responsibility”

BRP announced its commitment to take corporate social responsibility further with the launch of its new CSR25 program. The company has set its sights on becoming the industry leader in corporate citizenship. The CSR program is made up of three pillars, which are environment, social, and governance.

They want to reduce their carbon footprint by electrifying each of its product lines by the end of 2026. BRP also wants to develop a more inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong. They have begun a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journey. BRP is also launching an enhanced Code of Ethics. BRP reminds us that these are forward-thinking goals and initiatives, and nothing is guaranteed.

Read the complete press release below:
BRP Inc. announced its commitment to take corporate social responsibility (CSR) even further with the launch of its new CSR25 program. It includes more ambitious environmental targets than ever before, concrete initiatives, and sets goals for 2025 and beyond. It also reflects BRP’s intention to be the industry leader in corporate citizenship.

“We are very proud of our CSR25 program, which stretches the boundaries of our commitment to create a stronger future for our employees, our dealers, our customers and all of our stakeholders,” declared José Boisjoli, President and CEO. “Not only does it align with our strategy and industry best practices, it also sets high objectives that reflect the growing environmental and social concerns of our communities. We look forward to the enthusiastic participation of all our employees around the world in ensuring that our efforts are successful. Our board of directors and executive management team are fully dedicated to ensuring we make tangible progress and track our results on a regular basis.”

BRP’s CSR25 program fosters value creation around three main pillars: Environment, Social and Governance. The responsibility of each of them has been assigned to senior executives who leverage their expertise to ensure the program’s objectives are achieved. They specifically focus on

BRP’s employees, communities, operations and products and are broken down as follows:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint relating to products and operations
    In 2021, BRP took an important step towards reducing the carbon footprint of its products with the announcement of a $300 million investment over the next five years to electrify each of its existing product lines by the end of 2026. BRP aims to have 50% of its units sold as electric by 2035. Furthermore, it has set the target of launching new electric products and new models that emit less CO2 than their predecessor. As such, BRP recently confirmed its first EV models with the upcoming launch of an all-electric lineup of Can-Am motorcycles.
    On the operations side, BRP targets making its facilities carbon neutral and reaching zero waste to landfill by 2030. It also aims to reduce CO2 emissions from its supply chain by 25% by 2035.
  • Ensure a positive and sustainable impact in communities and the daily lives of employees
    BRP reiterates its commitment to invest 1% of pre-tax profits in community support by 2025.
    Also, the Company is increasing its efforts to empower all riders in the powersports community to ride responsibly through the new BRP Responsible Rider program. It aims to encourage riders to focus further on safety, riding etiquette and the environment.
    To foster an even more inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong, BRP has embarked on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) journey. The Company has established a diverse DE&I Council which is comprised of employees from various backgrounds and workplaces and led by two senior executives who will implement a strong action plan. Specific DE&I employee resource groups are also being formed to reach targets.
  • Continue to make sound strategic decisions, maintain high ethical standards and conduct operations in a sustainable manner.
    Under its Governance pillar, BRP is also announcing the upcoming launch of an enhanced version of its Code of Ethics. The intention is to further mobilize and empower its employees and other stakeholders in maintaining and displaying high ethical standards and behaviors across all of BRP’s activities.

Sandy Vassiadis, Vice-President, Global Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility added: “As a global leader in powersports vehicles, propulsion systems and boats, we are dedicated to reinventing how we move people in a more sustainable way and caring for our communities. The program we are launching today reflects our commitment to lead by example and inspire our industry to play an active and engaging role in creating a brighter future for all. We look forward to rallying our complete network around our CSR initiatives and promoting eco-responsible practices.’’

For full details about BRP’s CSR25 program and its initiatives, please visit the Corporate Social Responsibility section of our website.

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