Case of The Mondays: ‘Dude Perfect’ Perfects The Art of PWC Nerf Warfare


[Editor’s Note – Yes, it’s Tuesday and not Monday, so today’s “Case of The Mondays” is technically a day late. We went and saw “Star Wars” that afternoon, so our scheduling was a little screwed up. Sorry. Oh, and go see it. It’s really good. – Ed.]

Becoming a celebrity these days is a lot different from the long ago days of tinsel town “Hollywood” of the 1930s and 40s. Back then, to “truly make it” you needed to be a triple threat, meaning you had to be able to act, sing and dance. For many more rugged men, being able to shoot, ride a horse or swing a sword replaced tap dancing or belting out a tune on key. Today, all you need is a YouTube channel, an Instagram feed and a selfie stick. Not exactly discriminating, isn’t it?

One group of internet celebrities are the “Dude Perfect” crew, who surprisingly enough, illustrate a bit of talent in their blend of silly, over-the-top YouTube videos. The group of pseudo frat boys excel in executing impressive trick shots, be it with basketballs, Frisbees or other projectiles. In a recent collaboration with air soft weapons manufacturer Nerf, Dude Perfect rented out a Florida lakehouse for some aquatic Nerf trickshot action – including some pretty impressive shots from the back of a Yamaha WaveRunner.

The result is a good, ol’ fashioned waste of time and productivity killer. But given that many of you are simply counting down the hours until you get your 4-day weekend off, we figure you’re finding ways to waste as much time as possible anyhow. Enjoy!

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Kevin Shaw

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