Video: Flashback to First-Ever 180′ Nose Stabs and Supermans on Sea-Doo Spark


Although I’m a racer at heart, growing up riding and racing motorcycles bred into me the need to jump almost anything and everything! If it resembles a ramp or it can be made to resemble a ramp, I’m in! When the Sea-Doo Spark debuted in 2014 it seemed to me like the perfect watercraft for both my girlfriend to get out on the water and have some recreational fun and me to go jump in the surf. So, I bought one. She named it “(Storm) Trooper.”

The standing rule at the Daytona Freeride has always been standups, X2s and WaveBlasters only on the water. Since the Sea-Doo Spark’s weight is about the same and it is only slightly larger than a WaveBlaster, I made the call. Freeride’s mastermind Nicholas Foederer, allowed me to take part aboard my newly purchased Sea-Doo. Nick took some heat for allowing what is considered a runabout to participate, and a Spark at the Freeride looks to be a one-time deal.


With my new Sea-Doo Spark in tow, fitted with GoPros and some awesome custom BlackTip Jetsports Elite mats from Watercraft Superstore, I hit the surf with some of the best Freestyle riders in the United Sates. In 2014 the surf was about head height up until Sunday and it was a cold January in Florida terms. However, that did not stop the riders.

Aside from being out there and getting to “jump stuff,” a highlight for me was watching one of my favorite freestyle riders Mark Gomez up close. He was ripping and putting on a clinic in smooth, seemingly effortless riding! Here is a video I put together of my time at the 2014 Daytona Freeride on my Sea-Doo Spark, putting it through its paces and seeing how ‘Trooper flew!

Mark your calendars and come see first-hand what the best Freestyle and Freeride guys have in store for you this year at the 2016 Daytona Freeride, presented by BlackTip Jetsports. Stop by and say hello to your favorite vendors in person. Stay late and see what antics ensue January 14-17 Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Brent Venderley

A man of many talents, Brent is a professional PWC racer, promoter, organizer, videographer and writer. His talents and determination have taken Brent to new levels in the PWC industry and is the newest addition to the growing list of contributors to The Watercraft Journal.

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