Case of The Mondays: Franky Zapata Invents The Human Drone


Multi-time World Champion jet ski racer and now full-time inventor, Franky Zapata has brought the world one step closer to actualizing Herbert Spencer‘s philosophy “survival of the fittest”. Christened the “Flyboard Air,” this battery-powered, fan-propelled one-man drone is just another in Zapata Racing’s inventions almost intentionally devised to cull the human herd of the dumb and daring.

The inventor of the jet pump-propelled Flyboard, Hoverboard, Flyboard Pro and Jetpack, the Flyboard Air is a single-person platform that does away with hydro-propulsion and elevates the rider an impressive 3.55 minutes at a maximum speed of 55km (34-plus mph), and although not listed, we estimate a maximum height of between 40-60 feet.

Of course, the video first unveiled last Friday and included below, is a record of the first successful test of the Flyboard Air, only ensuring that many more are to follow. With the current Flyboards and other jet-powered aerial stunt toys just one serious life threatening injury away from a class action lawsuit away; and the FAA pushing for legislation to monitor, register and restrict private use of quadcopters, we’re not going to hold our breath when it comes to the Flyboard Air…taking off any time soon.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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