Case of The Mondays: JetKart is The Single-Seater RXT-X 300 You Never Knew You Wanted

The problem with Sea-Doo’s 3D wasn’t that it wasn’t enough of a standup ski, but that it wasn’t enough of a full-blown gokart. Thankfully, Canadian fabricator Jetkart has done the world a favor and created the first 300-horsepower single-seater Sea-Doo using the fair majority of a Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 runabout.

David, the inventor wrote, “The Jetkart is a product intended for everybody (as well as the paraplegic people) to reach the water sport to motorize and to promote competitions on a circuit of jet ski.” Thus far, the Jetkart is in its primary testing and fine-tuning stages, with modifications being made to the cockpit and controls, which also utilize a large portion of the X-Steering system, giving new meaning to the old adage, “We use every part of the buffalo.”

After separating the hull from the deck, David rearranged the powertrain layout to accommodate the body-hugging race seat and four-point rollcage (similar to those seen on large flat bottom race boats). As mentioned the handlebars and gauge cluster are reconfigured into a more traditional-looking cockpit, all giving the craft an exceptionally low center of gravity.

Although still being tested, David has opened the craft for some private testing. One such was Boyadjian Jérôme who gave the Jetkart a test. He wrote, “It’s very impressive to [cruise] more than 110 km/h being so close to the water! [The] sensations are unique, [like] flying. [It’s] extreme [in the] curves at an amazing speed! Bravo David [on] a new successful concept!”



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Kevin Shaw

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