Case of The Mondays: Yeehaw! The General Lee Seabreacher (Video)


Earlier this year, in the wake of a terrible tragedy caused by a Ritalin-addled sociopath, the nanny-state sought to not address the status of our nation’s treatment of its mentally ill, but rather, to outlaw the last remaining remnant of southern identity, the Confederate Flag.

While this was a ridiculous reaction, what pushed it into the realm of sublimely moronic is the subsequent retaliation against of all things, a 30-year-old television serial, “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Y’know, the show about two fun-loving Georgian cousins who drive a tangerine ’69 Dodge Charger through the backwoods of the Los Angeles Mountains mascaraing as Georgia’s rolling hills.

Yup, ‘dem good ol’ boys got themselves in a heap o’ trouble with the swelling PC culture and there wasn’t much that CBS/Warner Brothers could do but outright outlaw any future merchandising of the eponymous “General Lee,” the single-most recognizable television/movie car in film history.

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Funny enough, the backlash was so strong, so over-the-top that sales of Confederate flags exploded, and demand for “General Lee” merchandise skyrocketed on eBay. Several of the show’s stars – including former Senator Ben Jones who played “Cooter Davenport” and the immortally handsome Jonathan Schneider, “Bo Duke” both spoke out against the ban calling it both moronic and depressing.

Thankfully, nobody is scrapping Generals (besides the ones jumped hundreds of feet at every annual “Dukes Fest”), and the Dodge Charger is just as famous as Daisy’s short shorts. So much so, that Seabreacher has even painted one of its porpoising watercraft as the famous orange stock car, making its aerial acrobatics even more appropriate.

While most of us have seen the Seabreacher in action before, and therefore are familiar with its agility, we do think making it honor “The Dukes” and their famous race car makes it all the more entertaining. Now if only there was room to store a few dozen mason jars of “white lightning” in the back…


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