Case of The Wednesdays: Tribord EasyBreath Full-Face Snorkel


[Yeah we know, it’s not Monday, so today’s “Case of The Mondays” has been appropriately renamed. – Ed.]

Snorkeling recently became even easier with the Decathlon EasyBreathe snorkeling set up. The system was conceived in 2007 by members of the Tribord design team. The group came up with a progressive method for people who have a fear of not being able to breathe while snorkling. The designers claim the mask is less stressful than a basic snorkel and mask set up because this one won’t fog, allows the user to see 180 degrees, and the snorkel is outfitted with a mechanism that does not allow water entry when submerged. It is quite an interesting assembly.

The description provided on claims the mask will enable people to better see and also breathe underwater through their nose and mouth, just as though they were on land. A double air flow system like the type used in extraction fans keeps the mask from fogging. The top of the snorkel is a bright safety orange which may help prevent any above water collisions.

The full face mask comes in three different sizes so it will fit most anyone and is sealed with a silicone gasket which will prevent water from entering. A purge valve is located at the bottom of the mask so water will drain when a person surfaces.  The viewing window is comprised of a shatter proof poly carbonate. The EasyBreathe system is for sale in 38 countries and is available in blue, pink, green, white, and purple. The sizes available are extra small, small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra large to ensure a proper fitting mask while enjoying natures underwater wonders.

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