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It’s easy for people to flippantly disregard posts published on a forum as being anything less than legitimate. But as is with anything, consistency builds credibility and the reason why Jerry Gaddis’ online performance forum is the go-to source for all things top performance is because of the clockwork-like reliability of its moderators and top performance posts.

So when Jerry published his review of Vortech Superchargers’ new billet V-50 Supercharger, people took notice. Unlike competing and factory configurations, this centrifugal blower utilizes a specially-engineered Vortech shaft and ceramic bearing, eliminating the need for a axillary friction clutch.

Additionally, the housing is water-cooled dropping operating temps to a minimum, and is designed to serve as a direct replacement for the 1.8L SHO and SVHO Yamaha engines. When installed on his FZR project ski, the Yamaha immediate hit the rev limiter which was set at 8700 rpm. Jerry recorded the boost at 19 psi, with the air-to-fuel mixture running far too lean in the high 13s. Even with the small supercharger wheel, the Yamaha clicked off an impressive 86.0 mph.

Jerry has plans for mapping for the stock ECU and 1,000cc injectors, as well as for the middle and largest boost impellers too. Nevertheless, the V-50 Vortech Supercharger proved a quick solution to getting a FZR well up into the mid-80s.

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Kevin Shaw

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  1. Richard Lasseter PhD 11 January, 2020 at 09:48 Reply

    This was published in 11/2013 and it’s gone no-where? Really … and still no comments? That’s really odd. If nothing else, this seems like a great solution for those failing (and expensive) supercharger clutch assemblies (and labor!), but why no costs noted here? Where are the updates on this package?

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