Brisbane Kawasaki Kspeed Ultra Waste Gate Block-Off Plate

If your Kawasaki Ultra experiencing boost bleed and you are in search of a solution, check out Brisbane Kawasaki. They will get you fixed up with a Kspeed precision engineered Waste Gate Block-Off plate. It is made from aerospace grade aluminum and will fit Genuine Kawasaki Ultra 250,260, 300, and 310 models. This kit is designed to block-off the inconsistent OEM waste gate, allowing you to harness that leaking power.

The Kspeed Waste Gate Block-Off will ensure that you don’t lose any extra boost and will eliminate the lag when getting on the throttle. It is a great application for stock jet skis that are showing loss of pressure on the instrument panel’s boost gauge.

The kit will allow the supercharger to deliver its full potential by making sure that the supercharger doesn’t prematurely lose pressure from a leaking waste gate. The Kspeed Waste Gate will ensure that your supercharger operates at a full boost.

The waste gate is a must have if you are replacing lower boost pulleys with higher fitting pulleys. It will ensure that you aren’t losing that extra boost out the OEM waste gate. This applies to stock PWC.

The kit includes the Genuine Kawasaki gasket, stainless Allen key bolts, air box block-off cap, and installation instructions. The Kspeed Ultra Waste Block Off Plate is available right now for 6% off. It is $69.00 in AUD and $54 in USD. Check it out!

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