Unlimited PWC Rolls Out Billet Intake Grates for 2021 SuperJet

Although a great standup ski for the modern 21st century PWC enthusiast, many more seasoned “hardcore” riders are discovering that the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet has a lot of ground to cover in order to be competitive on the closed course. Keeping it hooked up, battling back cavitation and simply getting the standup in to the 60’s is a battle that many of the industry’s best minds are waging.

One such is Japan’s Unlimited PWC. Backed with a team of sponsored riders, the Unlimited PWC crew have been slaving over these key issues and have recently released the first of many salvos to bring the SuperJet up to snuff – a billet top-loader intake grate.

Priced at $440 USD, each billet intake grate comes anodized in one of four colors (or raw aluminum). Unlimited’s own Akihiko “Aki” Ito explained, “It is designed to take in water smoothly even on rough or flat water. We test the best condition with hook-up handling performance and top speed does not drop.”

The new Unlimited PWC Billet Intake Grate features a full-width convex wing design that dramatically increases hookup. Equally, the large inflow of water improves maximum speed; the aggressive “chip” and elongated runners sharpen turning and handling in rough waters. Aki concluded, “It’s ideal for free riding as well as racing purposes as cavitation is significantly reduced.”

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Kevin Shaw

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  1. Todd Huestis 7 May, 2021 at 10:47 Reply

    This would be great if I could find a new Superjet to buy. I’ve called dealerships all over the US and there simply are none available.

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