Check Out These Chinese-Built RIB Kits For Sea-Doo Sparks

It’s light. It’s nimble. It’s wet and wild. It’s playful as all get-out. And it might not be for you, if you don’t like any of these attributes in a personal watercraft. Then again, that’s all part of the fun owning a Sea-Doo Spark, and most folks who do love it precisely for these reasons.

Yet, for those who don’t, a yet-to-be-named Chinese company is producing a set of RIB (rigid inflatable boat) kits for the venerable Rec-Lite Sea-Doo, some of which look absolutely massive. In a Facebook post, 单祥 (Dān Xiáng) shared a handful of images showing the RIB-mounted Spark (as well as a pair of Kawasaki Ultra 310Xs and a Sea-Doo Wake Pro) both fully-equipped as well as in action.

The largest of these kits feature a double-set of inflatable pontoons that extend far out beyond the bondrails, giving the Spark a massive width, completely eliminating any lean that the HX-inspired hull has. Rather, the Spark is shown turning flatly, the smallest portion of the Spark’s hull protruding from beneath the rubberized raft encompassing the runabout.

Typically employed for close-to-shore rescue, lifeguards could quickly launch the lightweight, Polytech-hulled Spark (and its giant pre-inflated RIB) and venture out into the surf with little effort. The larger Ultras make take a little more work to drag from the sand (as lifeguards typically beach their PWC) into the water. Nonetheless, we’re interested to see more of this heavily-insulated Spark in action and whether it may make for a good rescue vessel.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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