Video: Easy-to-Install Fusion Stereo Active Gives Your PWC Big Stereo Sound

One of the many great features about boats is their ability to blast music across the water without sacrificing too much space. While boats are much bigger, it is safe to say we all love PWC. But we want to listen to music while we are out riding or when we take a break. Luckily a company has just produced a sound system that is small and has a low profile. Fusion Stereo Active looks almost like any other portable sounds system at first glance, but upon looking at it you can find many key elements that make it stand out from its competitors.

Fusion Stereo Active comes with Bluetooth connection, a completely sealed pouch for your streaming device that floats, and a “puck mounting system” to secure it to your watercraft, under any condition. This system fits right in front of your steering console. One of the many advantages of this placement is that it does not sacrifice any leg room if you have passengers aboard. Other stereo system have speakers coming out the back and can restrict from loading your watercraft to full capacity.

With colors offered in red, white and blue, there is something to match your personal watercraft. The price for a Fusion Stereo is $399.95 which includes the sealed pouch and mount. If you have been looking for a sound system and not looking to break the bank, this is the system for you!

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Blake Ellestad

Blake decided to buy a jet ski before a car and it was the greatest decision of his life. He was able to start reading on the forums and absolutely fell in love with the information and the sport. Blake says he will be riding jet skis for a very long time.

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