Video: Kool PWC Stuff Live Bait Tank & Rack Walk Around

Jet ski fishing is a rapidly growing sport, even if America fishing enthusiasts have been slow to pick up on the trend. We joked that the best way to get Americans interested in PWC fishing is to simply offer it to countries outside of the US and tell them that “they can’t have it.” Why? Because nothing makes an American want something than telling them they can’t have it. Nevertheless, PWC fishing continues to grow leaps and bounds in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines and with that, expand the PWC market to new groups as well as the fishing industry (which is humongous).

In welcoming Kool PWC Stuff back to The Watercraft Journal for 2017, we also caught word of this awesome “walk around” video showcasing one very well-equipped PWC-rigged Yamaha FX Cruiser WaveRunner. Equipped with one of Kool PWC Stuff’s live well (live bait tanks) and sump pump, remote motorcycle battery (in a canvas pouch) for power, a GPS/Fish finder, running lights and much more, the Yamaha is ready for full days of fishing wherever the beacon points you. Unlike so many other fishing and/or cooler racks, Kool PWC Stuff’s rack is 100-percent non-invasive, meaning there’s no drilling or cutting required to install and mount your new rack.

As stated by Kool PWC Stuff themselves, “Safety is a must. All our racks are designed with a low profile, so that just in case that big wave comes or you just fall off, you can easily get back on your jet ski.” And each rack is made from marine-grade stainless steel, powered coated for extra protection (and looks), comes with adjustable legs to fit any deck surface (including the Sea-Doo Spark), welded rod holder(s) with slightly small diameter to snugly hold your rods, can hold up to a 54-quart cooler (but can be specially-designed for Yeti and Frostbite coolers, or Rigid Frigid 40 coolers), and is predrilled to hold Rotopax fuel, water and storage tanks. Whether you’re going fishing for just wanting to bring along plenty of drinks and snacks for your ride, a Kool PWC Stuff rack is what you need.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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