eBay Find Of The Day: Chris Lauber’s Rare ’91-’98 World Cup WaterCross Tour Race Programs

If you are a fan of Chris Lauber, we have the eBay auction for you! Chris Lauber was the premier jet ski racing photographer, having been around since the late 1970s. Chris was never without his camera and quickly became well known for his talented camera skills. If you didn’t already know, it was Chris and his brother Mark that were the ones that founded the USJSBA (United States Jet Sport Boating Association) in the early 1980s before the IJSBA (International Jet Sport Boating Association) was formed and absorbed them.

Over the years, Chris has built quite the collection of photography prints, signs and banners among lots of other racing memorabilia. Recently, Chris has decided to downsize his collection and take to eBay with a lot of his stuff. Some of the stuff he has and is selling you will never find again! It’s definitely worth looking at!

Back in January, he listed some of his incredible photos on eBay. Now, he’s listed a set of 8 World Cup WaterCross Tour race programs from 1991-1998. These programs are from the IJSBA Super Jet Ski. Priced to sell at just $40 (plus shipping), these programs are from when the sport was at its highest peak. The World Cup Tour was staged entirely in Florida and was second only to the IJSBA National Tour in terms of prestige, prize money, pro racers, and television coverage. These programs are in excellent, brand new condition! According to the ad, this set of race programs captures the sport in all its glory from that period and feature;

• Gorgeous color photography of the sport’s stars
• Tour schedule each year
• Historical stories, facts, and photos
• Champion Title Contenders
• Lists of champions from prior years
• Ads of the day
• Welcome letters from Florida Governor Lawton Chiles
• Improvements in racing, including introduction of the split course design, computerized scoring, contingency award programs, etc.
• Specialty awards like Pro Rookie of the Year Awards, Factory Team Awards, the Rusty Simpson Novice of the Year Award

In addition, this set of programs feature profiles of defending World Cup champions: Chris MacClugage, Tina Martinez, Tim Judge, John Stevens, Lloyd Burlew, Tera Laho, Bo Dupriest, Dustin Farthing, Jeff Jacobs, Dan Fitzgerald, Kelly Kurpil, Rick Roy, Frank Romero, Jojo Ludwig, Emmett Hood, Chris Mays, Karen Contryman, Mark Rodgers, Matt Alligood, Team RIVA Yamaha, Team Greater Yamaha, Team Westcoast Sea-Doo, Team Rocketship Racing, Team Butch, Team Kawasaki.

To make the deal even better, Chris will also include the 1998 Calendar of Champions that features his race action photography!

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