Everything You Need to Know About Radinn Electric Jetboards

We’ve told you a little bit about Radinn Electric Jetboards, now let’s delve into them a little deeper and into their latest line of jet boards. Radinn revamped and upgraded the jetboards for 2022, giving the rider the ability to completely customize their surfing experience.

This is great news for Radinn riders. With Radinn using a detachable modular system for their electric boards, you can own multiple boards without having to buy a jetpack for every board. Now, let’s dive in, starting with the Freeride X-Sport.

This is Radinn’s most durable board. It is built using ultra-resistant hull technology, the kind that wind surf boards and white-water kayaks are made of. It’s also reinforced with fiberglass. If you want to take on rough conditions, the X-Sport is for you! This is the board for the person who is a little rough on equipment and likes to try uncharted waters.

Take it anywhere and if you hit a debris patch, chances are, the board will be okay. The X-Sport is the only jet board in the G3 line that has a quad fin set up. Ride it as a twin fin to get a little looser on the water. Use the quad set up for more control. The X-Sport can reach speeds up to 35 mph. It has a starting price of $9,345.

Check out the Freeride for an all-round board made for all the water conditions. This is the premium all-purpose model designed to build your skill set. It has the stability you need to get started and is responsive enough for you to make some nice turns.

The hull is designed to cut through choppy waters and the jet is directed down, which creates added thrust when you are turning. The Freeride is available in white or black with a twin fin setup. The white is called the Urban Rebel, and the black is called the Element. This board starts at $11,245.

The third board in the G3 line is the top of the line Carve, available in sleek Phantom Black and a stylish white and blue Tarifa model. These are high performance boards and are super responsive. Get your carve on and throw huge sprays with powerful cutbacks. You can also ride rail to rail on this board. The Carve is loose and lightweight making it great for riding waves. Drop in, set your rail, and fly down the line looking for a section to hit to get some air.

The Carve has an LTD Hull Tech design, which is more susceptible to dings than the other boards. Though it is comprised of several layers of fiberglass, carbon fiber, resin, paint, and varnish it does require more care than the other two models. This is the board to purchase when you want to take your riding to the next level. It has a base price of $13,495.

When you decide to purchase a Radinn jet board, click the configure button, choose your board, whether you want standard or pro performance, a standard or extended range battery. Pro performance gives you more speed and extended range allows you to ride longer.

All Radinn boards have FCS fin boxes and come with a set of FCS-II Standard Fins. You can always buy different models of FCS fins at your local surf shop or online. The boards are equipped with a powerful G3 Jet located at the back of the board and powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. Download the compatible Radinn app to activate your board.

The app is rich in content like tutorials, and it contains all the settings for the operation of your jetboard. It also tracks your rides with GPS so you can see how fast and how far you rode. The app is a must have to activate batteries and jetpacks. Once you’re activated you can upgrade performance settings, get firmware updates, customize your jetpack speed, and a whole lot more!

The battery is tops in the motorized surfing market, giving you almost an hour of ride time with their extended range battery. All of the boards are controlled with a Wireless Hand Controller using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The controller features a stepless trigger giving smooth and precise throttle control. Give it a squeeze and go!

Radinn’s product page is loaded with accessories and upgrades to give you the full Radinn experience. There are two jetpacks to choose from. The standard jetpack is recommended for beginners while the Jetpack G3 Pro is for the advanced rider who wants higher speeds. The line up also includes four different chargers, including a couple of speed chargers. The chargers are available in US, EU, and Universal.

If you’re looking to upgrade to more speed and acceleration, two Powerpacks and an upgraded nozzle are available. Grab a boardbag to protect your investment. These bags are durable and spacious, and come with wheels making them easy to drag through airport when taking a surf trip.

Add a set of foot straps to stay locked in when ripping and jumping wakes. For the beginner, Radinn offers a Starter Strap that loops around the nose of your board to give you some extra help when learning to pop up. This is similar to what Bethany Hamilton uses to pull herself up on her surfboards.

Every complete jet board comes with a neoprene accessory case. The case includes a Wireless Hand Remote and Charger, an ankle leash with a built-in kill switch, a pair of FCS Fins II, rinse bottle, and a product manual. This is all you need to start making new waves with a Radinn Jetboard!

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