Full Throttle WaterX Cancels Two Upcoming Events

Full Throttle WaterX announced the cancellation of two races which were the Slalom & Freestyle competition on April 30th and the second round of closed course racing on May 20th through the 22nd. Deegan Newton, Full Throttle’s promoter, race director, and social media manager was admitted to the hospital and his doctor has permitted him from walking, working, organizing or hosting the events for the next 5-to-6 weeks while he makes a full recovery.

Being the passionate racer that Deegan is, he pushed through and seriously injured himself to insure Round One took place. To prevent further damage to himself, Full Throttle made the decision to cancel these next two races. They are asking the other racers please understand and to bear with them, while they go through these troubling times. Once Deegan is healed, they are going to put all effort into hosting a proper watercraft racing event this July and it will take place in Arizona or Camp Far West in California.

For the full press release please see below:

Due to unfortunate events, we are having to cancel our next two events, the Slalom and Freestyle Competition in April 30th & Rd2 Closed Course Racing on May 20-22nd. As some of you may know, Deegan our promoter, race director, and social media manager has been admitted into the hospital and his doctor is permitting him from walking, working, and therefor organizing and hosting events for the next 5-6 weeks while he makes a full recovery. Deegan had seriously harmed himself to ensure Round 1 took place and we do not want to see him continue to injure himself and cause permanent damage. We really hope that the racers understand what we are going through and to bear with us

On another note, we are looking into hosting a closed course event to make up for this cancelled event in the month of July. With no other closed course races taking place in this region in July and the kids being on summer break, we feel it would make perfect sense to try and host an event in this month once Deegan is fully healed and can ensure 100% effort in hosting a proper watercraft racing event. The July event will either take place in Arizona or Camp Far West, CA.

We are also going to try to host another slalom and freestyle event later in the year after the IJSBA World Finals event in late October. For the people who have already registered for the slalom event, we will be issuing full refunds! We understand that this is a major inconvenience for the racers, we went to deeply apologize but we really want to make it right and ensure a proper championship for both the racers and the sponsors who have supported us this far. We are very sorry this has happened, but health always comes first! Please pray for Deegan as he is currently in the hospital and that he makes a full recovery

Please stay tuned for an updated schedule that will be posted in the next few weeks. Enjoy having a month off from our events, save your money and we hope to see you at the next event at the CFW Reservoir on June 10th-12th

We will STILL be hosting 5 events for you racers, the schedule is just going to be changed due to the circumstances. The future races will be back to the 2 day, 2 moto format as this seems to be the system that works best for everyone.

Thank you again to our sponsors for the support, and we can’t wait to continue working with you guys when we continue the series!

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Julian Ramirez

Julian Ramirez is an avid PWC enthusiast. He grew up in the desert of west Texas riding dirt bikes from his youth and old school VW sand rails. Until one day during A family camping trip. Julian convinces his dad that they should get a pair of JetSki‘s just to have fun with. After those first JetSki‘s it was over for Julian, he fell in love with the watercraft industry and the camaraderie and support that the community brings.

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