Gallery: 2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310 JetSkis Spotted Early


Well, what can we say? Sometimes we get scooped. But this time around it wasn’t from a competitive news source or online blog. This time it was Brisbane Kawasaki who got the scoop on the newest models from Kawasaki. How? By having them show up on a flatbed truck in front of their dealership!

Normally, when manufacturers are preparing to unveil the new crop of products, they carefully groom the media with nondisclosure agreements and handshakes vowing us all to secrecy until a specified date. Media packets are distributed, online files chocked full of photos are shared, and even members of the media are invited out to test ride the new stuff.

Nope. Not this time. Kawasaki just started filling orders for enthusiastic dealers ready to start moving on the new year’s models. And without a moment to spare, Brisbane Kawasaki has also already sold its first ’15 310R to local racer Cameron Martin. So, yes. If you were concerned whether the 310R would return for 2015, your prayers have been answered.


Although we haven’t received any hard data on the 2015 lineup, observation would reveal not much has changed for the new year apart from bold new graphics (BNG) and the 310R receiving a pair of iridescent green sponsons. No word on whether these sponsons are reshaped or adjustable (first blush would say no), and the custom-looking blue pinstripe iconic to last year’s model has been replaced with silver.

Speaking of silver, the plane Jane-but-not-boring 310X is resplendent in charcoal, while the Jetsound-equipped 310LX is literally unchanged from last year, metallic green and all. Not shown is a 310X Special Edition (SE), but our understanding is that the SE was as rare as hen’s teeth Down Under, so we can’t report whether the SE will be returning or not just yet.

Of course, we’re over a week away from the “official” reveal of the 2015 Kawasaki lineup, so maybe there will be more to talk about then. Until, then revel in what you see here. We didn’t expect too many changes for this year, particularly as bone stock 310s can compete with fully-built Ultras and Yamahas in the open ocean. Seriously, that’s pretty stinkin’ impressive.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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