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The AquaX race series returned to the Sunshine State after their last round in Chicago, Illinois. This past weekend’s races came to a brand new venue for the series in the city of Lake Worth, Florida. The weather forecast for the weekend called for perfect weather and Mother Nature didn’t disappoint. With a vantage viewing point of the Lake Worth Pier and the beach, spectators had front row seats to watch some of the greatest Jet Ski riders in the world battle it out.

The weekend started off with the Junior racers. Haden Skellett and Sammy Nehme went back and forth throughout the race. Sammy Nehme was in the lead coming into the start/finish line and eased up a little not thinking that Haden Skellett would pass him at the finish. Haden pulled up next to Sammy and claimed the first win of the weekend with a photo finish and barely passing Sammy by inches.


Next up were the Sport Spec and Spark Class. Sam Nehme continued where he left off from World Finals and came in first place in the Sport Class followed by Keith Dill and Ken Waddle. Johnny Smith had mechanical issues that kept him out of the first race. In the Spark Class, Eric J. Gabryel took the win followed by Eric T. Gabryel and Louie Sand rounded out the top three. In the Pro Ski Class Franco Tobler took first place followed by Johnny Smith. In the Amateur Ski Class it was England’s Harry Robinson who took the top spot.

The Amateur Enduro racers were up next. Rider Joseph Harvey from England made the trip over from across the pond. He wanted to show the American riders how fast the British were and put on a show. In the 300 Class, Enrique Chia and Gary Shrigley were chasing Harvey. Chris Saxon was in the hunt also, but it was Harvey who came out in front for the win. In the 250 Class, the top three riders were Jason Lester, Kevin Sullivan and Alejandro Mora. The 200 Class had the new queen of racing Jennifer Nolan continue her winning streak and was followed by Eric Diaz and another rider from across the pond, Carl Lofthouse.

After a short break for the helicopter to get refueled, it was time for the first Pro Enduro race of the weekend. Chris MacClugage came to rebound from his races at Chicago and Sarasota and was looking to move up in points. Chris pushed his Yamaha to the limits and sliced through the water to take a first place win. He was followed by Eric “the Eagle” Francis and Mike Klippenstein respectively. Aero Aswar was on the hunt also, but due to contact with Eric Francis and having his ski damaged, he got knocked down to seventh place. Both riders were banged up but managed to complete the race. Officials for this infraction reprimanded both riders.

The first day of racing ended with the Amateurs racing again. Chris Saxon wanted to earn redemption for the home country and took the win in the 300 Class followed by Joseph Harvey and Hector Toledo. In the 250 Class, the winning order was the same as the earlier race. In the 200 Class Duncan Johnstone from England took the third place finish from his countryman Carl Lofthouse.

Day Two called for another perfect day for racing. It started off again with the Junior racers. Sammy Nehme learned from the previous day and wasn’t going to let Haden Skellett take the win from him. It had looked as though Sammy had the win locked up, but the rough water took him out on the last turn to the front straightaway on the last lap. Haden Skellett took advantage of this and crossed the finish line for the win. Haden’s sister, Taylor rounded out the field in third place behind Sammy Nehme.

Next up was the Sport/Spark Class. In the Sport Class, Sam Nehme continued his winning ways and earned the top spot followed by Keith Dill as he had done the previous day. Johnny Smith again had trouble with his ski at the start but came roaring back to earn third place. In the Spark Class it was Eric J. Gabryel who again earned the to spot followed by Louie Sand and Eric T. Gabryel. The Ski Class again had Tobler, Smith, Washington and Amateur Robinson trying to get the win.



The Pro racers were up next for their second race of the weekend. Again MacClugage set the pace of the race and maintained the lead. Eric Francis stepped on the gas and was chasing Macc for the majority of the race and finally passed Macc to take the lead with time running out. It had looked like Francis was going to come away with the win. On the backstretch Francis made a mistake and couldn’t stop MacClugage from taking the lead again on a white flag. MacClugage came out on top once again for his second win of the weekend.

The Amateur racers were ready to do their final race of the weekend. Chris Saxon took the lead and never relinquished it. Hector Toledo and Joseph Harvey chased him. Saxon took the overall win in the 300 Class. In the 250 Class Jason Lester took top honors and in the 200 Class it was a clean sweep for Jennifer Nolan. The rest of the day was filled with some fast action from the Sport/Spark Classes and the Ski Class. The juniors then raced and the third time was a charm for Sammy Nehme as he took the win from Haden Skellett in the last junior race of the weekend.


The final race of the weekend was the Pro Enduro race and Chris MacClugage showed why he is considered the greatest of all time by taking the win and completing a complete sweep. He was followed respectively by Eric Francis and Mike Klippenstein.

The AquaX team came and put on a great show for the city of Lake Worth with fast action. Next up will be the final round of this year’s season in just seven days. The series will be taking it to the city of Fort Lauderdale; Florida and they in for one hell of a fast paced weekend.

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Kurt NgSaye

Kurt NgSaye

Kurt NgSaye is originally from New York City and after serving many years in the Air Force now calls Melbourne Florida home. He’s a current jet-ski rider/racer He’s an avid photographer and has taken pictures of many events across the sunshine state to include P1 Aqua X and Daytona Freeride. “I’m just out there having fun.”

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