Video: Sea-Doo Trixx Sparks Prehistoric Playtime


Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery, and for freerider Mark Gomez, there’s a whole lot of flattery going around. Prior to this past IJSBA World Finals, the Southern California Hydro-Turf rider produced a video of he performing a sequence of flatwater freestyle tricks stuffed inside of one of those inflatable tyrannosaurus rex costumes. The end result was not only hilarious, but also exceptionally viral, which, in turn, birthed a handful of similar T-Rex-on-a-PWC videos.

The latest of these is also one of the better produced, having come from the creatives at Look Marketing – y’know, the guys who pretty much handle everything public for Sea-Doo. This time around, the video features a caveman fleeing a tyrannosaur in pursuit of a hot meal (although, historically, the two were separated by literally tens of millions of years, but hey, suspend your disbelief for a minute or two). The caveman reaches a clearing and encounters a brand-spankin’-new Sea-Doo Spark Trixx, perfect for his escape.

The Rex, clearly upset that his meal has escaped, opines for a chance to enjoy the Spark as well, and in a feat of kindness, is handed the lanyard to the new Trixx (we particularly like the adjustable steering helping accommodate the T-Rex’s tiny arms). The Trixx of course, is the latest addition to the Sea-Doo line up of Rec Lite machines, and offers enthusiasts a specially-tailored machine that can aptly perform tailstands, power slides and other tricks with ease.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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