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America celebrated its Independence Day this past weekend. Independence Day across the country is known for barbecues, family gatherings and fireworks. Yet, in the Sunshine State and specifically the city of Sarasota, it also meant racing. Touted as a week-long event the racers got to sign autographs and partake in the boat parade. P1 was definitely showcasing their series to the locals and out-of-towners that came out to enjoy the races.

Sarasota hosted their annual Grand Prix of the Seas event. This year, there was a new spin on it. P1 AquaX and P1 Superstock were added to this year’s festivities. This was the third round of the series for the P1 AquaX. As with the other previous rounds of Daytona Beach and Jacksonville the line up for this location was jam packed with a total of 62 riders.


With that many riders it was determined to break up the starts and have the 300 class start first and then have the 250/200 class stagger their start after there was safe enough distance. With the beach jammed packed with spectators and numerous boats anchored on the outside of the course the racers were sure to have a captivated audience and they didn’t disappoint. The first day of racing ended and the racers along with thousands of people were treated to one of the best firework displays for the fourth of July festivities we have ever seen.

As with previous rounds, it was going to be the battle of the Aswar brothers in the 300 Class. They have dominated the previous two rounds and the question this past weekend wasn’t which racer would knock them off the podiums but which brother would be number one. After three rounds this weekend it was the younger brother Aqsa who would take the overall win for the 300 Class, and teammate Mike Klippenstein edged out Aero Aswar to take the number two spot.

In the 250 Class, Brian Baldwin has been consistently good. He has outpaced the competition in every round this year. Who would come in behind him has been the question for the class. In this round it was teammate Paloma Noceda who took the number two spot. She showed that women racers are just as tough as the men. Eric Lagopoulos who dominated the class the previous year came in third place and was the only Sea-doo rider to get on the podium for the entire weekend.

In the 200 Class the question was whether reigning champion Rob Greenwald would finally put teammate Travis Zielasko in the rearview and get back on top. The two battled the entire weekend with Zielasko taking the win and the top podium spot followed by Greenwald and Chad Saxon who rounded out the class.

P1 Aqua x definitely impressed the organizers and it looks like Sarasota may be one of the great location for the series. The riders, staff and fans all loved the location. Another weekend came to a close and all had fun. Next stop is St. Cloud, Florida for Round Four on August 1st and 2nd. We’ll see you at the next round.

For all of the results from this past weekend’s AquaX Series in Sarasota, FL, click the hyperlinks for the 300 class, 250 class and 200 classes.

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Kurt NgSaye

Kurt NgSaye

Kurt NgSaye is originally from New York City and after serving many years in the Air Force now calls Melbourne Florida home. He’s a current jet-ski rider/racer He’s an avid photographer and has taken pictures of many events across the sunshine state to include P1 Aqua X and Daytona Freeride. “I’m just out there having fun.”

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