Gallery: Epic “Super Session” Featuring The Best Freeriders in OZ


Over the past two weekends I decided to get some shots of the locals that I usually ride with. Pretty much every weekend on the Gold Coast, at least up to 10 riders at any one time hit the waves at South Stradbroke Island. It’s just a five minute ride from the ramp and a beautiful part of Australia.

Every time we head out, there’s always something different you see. From luxury cruises and charter boats, to whales and dolphins, turtles and jellyfish. Yes, jellyfish. These last few weeks we have had thousands of them. It’s almost impossible to ride without them getting sucked through the pump. Luckily, they don’t pack much of a sting, unless you get them up your shorts (I’m looking at you, Ryan Soloman).


So it’s summertime here and a beautiful 30 degrees (86’F). So you’re mad if you don’t head out a take advantage of the magic weather and ride with your mates. With conditions almost perfect all year ’round, the Gold Coast has some of the most talented Freeriders in the world: Brock Taylor, Brodie Copp, Ryan Soloman, Luke Rotolone, Daniel Maloney and Levi Johnson just to name a few.

These guys are just good on their skis, but are awesome blokes who would do anything to help you out. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about the Freeride community, they’re all mates. So here’s a few shots to get you through you winter blues up there in the north.

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Andrew Donovan

Known throughout the Australian PWC scene as "Skip" and for his astounding eye behind the lens, Andrew's "Photos By Skip" have become some of the best action shots in performance watercraft. When he's not shooting skis, he's freeriding the surf.

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