Gallery: Hidden Trails Pro Watercross National Tour – Round 6 Lake Hartwell, GA


The tents lined the clay shoreline of Georgia’s Lake Hartwell as the Hidden Trails Pro Watercross National Tour came to town. The sun was out and the humidity was high and the table was set for some of the most exciting racing of the year. The racers were ready to put on quite a show for all of the locals that came out to cheer them on.

First out of the blocks on Saturday was the Pro-Am Ski Stock class and it had a familiar face out front, Broward Motorsports rider David Cabrera. Cabrera pulled the hole shot but didn’t do so without a fight. Hidden Trails/Judge Motorsports rider Jimmy Wilson was on a mission in Moto 1 to catch Cabrera but just didn’t have enough as laps ran out.


Moto 2 looked to set up a similar battle but a red flag start put Cabrera to the back of the pack allowing Wilson to capture the Moto 2 win. Cabrera was able to salvage the moto with a 5th place finish after a tough charge through the pack. Wilson also captured the Moto 3 win to give him the overall with Cabrera taking second. The last spot on the podium was a great weekend-long battle with Georgia’s own Broc Harris and Clearwater, Florida’s Gage Schoenherr, with Harris edging out Gage for third.

Pro-Am Runabout Box Stock was up next and was sure to be a show with Monster Energy/Mountain Motorsports rider Dustin Farthing on the line. Jeff Dyckowski wanted to put on a show of his own on his Yamaha FZR pulling the Moto 1 hole shot with Hidden Trails/Sea-Doo X-Team rider Tim Ducat hot on his heels. Farthing aboard his RXP-X didn’t like the way things were looking and made a charge through the pack passing both Dyckowski and Ducat for the Moto 1 win. Moto 2 finished with the same outcome, with Farthing out front followed by Dyckowski and Ducat. Farthing went for the weekend three-peat winning Moto 3 and securing the overall. Ducat edged out Dycowski in Moto 3 but it wasn’t enough to steal the second spot on the podium.


One of the highlights of the “pro show” weekend was once again in the Pro Ski GP class. Josh Block put the GP Class on notice this weekend by winning Moto 1 after a heated battle with Brock Austin. Austin pushed block all moto long but it wasn’t enough. Kommander rider Dustin Motzouris wanted to throw his hat into the ring in the battle for the overall, finishing behind Block in Moto 2 after a Moto 1 third place finish.

Hidden Trails Motorsports’ Jimmy Wilson finished third in Moto 2 after a rough first race of the weekend. Wilson continued his climb back from the bad start winning Moto 3 and securing his second spot on the podium. Block finished second in that moto and the weekend’s consistency got him the overall victory. After a weekend of small problems Motzouris was able to finish out the weekend in third on the podium and pull back into a tie for lead on the National Tour with fellow Kommander rider David Redinger.


Pro-Am Sport GP was the biggest class of the weekend and had season-long favorite Broward Motorsports rider Sam Nehme highlighting the field. Nehme put together the most dominating performance of the weekend and won all three motos leaving no question is to who is Number 1 in this class. That didn’t mean there wasn’t a great battle just behind him. Naples, Florida rider Keith Dill went to battle with Team Faith/Fly Racing rider Kelly Smith and they didn’t disappoint. They flip-flopped finishes throughout the weekend with Dill edging out Smith for second place on the podium.

Farthing wanted to continue his dominance in the Pro-Am Runabout GP class in Hartwell but electrical problems in Moto 1 opened the door for the rest of the pack. Hidden Trails Motorsports rider Trey Frame came up huge with the Moto 1 win before some bad luck came his way in motos 2 and 3. Familiar face of National Tour’s past, Kawasaki rider Eric Francis finished second in Moto 1. That became a very familiar place for him as the weekend went on keeping that spot in all three motos. Farthing came back after Moto 1 to win the final two motos but came up short on the podium with Francis taking home the overall and Farthing finishing second. Rounding out the podium was Sea-Doo X-Team/Hidden Trails rider Tim Ducat. Ducat capitalized on others bad luck and used it to propel him to three consistent finishes.


After a great weekend of racing it leaves us with only one race left, the National Championships in West Virginia where we get to watch these season long battles finish out. Until then, you can find all the results from the tour HERE.

Hidden Trails Pro Watercross National Tour – Round 6 Lake Hartwell, GA
Pro‐Am Runabout GP: 1. Eric Francis, 2. Dustin Farthing, 3. Tim Ducat, 4. Stan Hightower, 5. Trey Frame, 6. Brian Baldwin; Pro‐Am Ski GP: 1. Josh Block, 2. Jimmy Wilson, 3. Dustin Motzouris, 4. Bill Haig, 6. David Redinger, 7. Brock Austin, 8. Pete Zernik, 9. Broc Harris, 10. Derrick Helm, 11. David Cabrera, 12. Jordon Carroll; Sport GP: 1. Sam Nehme, 2. Keith Dill, 3. Kelly Smith, 4. Richard Taylor, 5. Cody Mccallum, 6. Glen Jung, 7. Johnny Smith, 8. Kyle Hayes, 9. Robert Cius, 10. Shawn Reynolds, 11. Jeff Mcphail, 12. Michael Osborn; Pro‐Am R/A Box Stock: 1. Dustin Farthing, 2. Jeff Dyckowski, 3. Tim Ducat, 4. Dylan Osborn, 5. Troy Snyder; Pro‐Am Ski Stock: 1. Jimmy Wilson, 2. David Cabrera, 3. Broc Harris, 4. Gage Schoenherr, 5. Kevin Rowe, 6. Callaway Turner, 7. Kenny Mckenzie; Sport Stock: 1. Keith Dill, 2. Ken Waddle, 3. Phil Mosrie, 4. Eric Gabryel, 5. Sam Nehme, 6. Jeff Mcphail, 7. Gage Schoenherr, 8. Kyle Hayes, 9. Shawn Reynolds, 10. Logan Hayes, 11. Susan Anderson, 12. Kevin Benjamin, 13. Wyatt Hayes, 14. Devin Walker, 15. Dirac Barbee, 16. Taylor Johnson, 17. Rex Hayes; Veteran Ski GP: 1. Pete Zernik, 2. Ralph Mcgregor, 3. Dan Masters, 4. Dustin Higdon, 5. Bill Austin, 6. Tony Cantalamessa, 7. Brian Edwards; Womens Ski Limited: 1. Niki Turner, 2. Carrie Oliver; Junior Ski Stock 13‐15 Yr: 1. Wyat Hayes, 2. Bret Underhill, 3. Avery Underhill; Junior Ski Stock 10‐12 Yr: 1. Haden Skellett, 2. Sammy Nehme, 3. Devin Farthing, 4. Osric Ilar, 5. Taylor Skellett, 6. Johnny Zimmerman, 7. Mason Sagers; Iroc Stock (Runabout Rec): 1. Sean Miles, 2. Eric Gabryel; Runabout N/A Spec: 1. Cameron Frame, 2. Robert Greenwald; Iroc GP (Runabout 1000): 1. Eric Gabryel, 2. Eric Gonzalez; Amateur Ski Stock: 1. Dustin Higdon, 2. Branden Edwards, 3. AJ Luinstra, 4. Jamie Palmer, 5. Kyle Beyer, 6. Clay Jones, 7. Bret Underhill, 8. Dawson Newby, 9. Niki Turner, 10. Chris Wojtal, 11. Hans Krajc; Amateur R/A Box Stock: 1. Victor Bute; Amateur Runabout SS: 1. Stan Hightower, 2. Travis Moore, 3. Bryan Furch; Amateur Ski GP: 1. AJ Luinstra; Ski Superstock: 1. Tony Cantalamessa, 2. Pete Kucinski; Vintage Ski: 1. Kevin Rowe, 2. Rex Hayes, 3. Alex Lancia, 4. Chris Wojtal, 5. Logan Hayes, 6. Kyle Hayes, 7. Wyat Hayes; Amateur Freestyle: 1. David Oski, 2. Kevin Rowe; Beginner Runabout Box Stock: 1. Pietro Vinci; Beginner Ski Stock: 1. Hans Krajc

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