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Yesterday was a big day for Sea-Doo as they launched their complete 2017 lineup before an amphitheater full of dealers from across the globe, as well as digitally and via media outlets such as The Watercraft Journal. And while the buzz of the reveal is far from over, RIVA Racing has added to the earthquake by triggering some seismic activity of its own. Last year (and for several consecutive years), RIVA has whipped up a special, highly-modified version of the RXP-X to display all of the many aftermarket performance products immediately available for dealers to sell, as well as for customers to order for their newest acquisition.

Placed front-and-center at the 2017 Sea-Doo Dealer Show was this incredibly awesome RIVA Racing Sea-Doo 2017 RXP-X 350. The machine in question is purely for demonstrative purposes only, as this true-350-horsepower pump gas RXP-X only displays all of the top-of-the-line performance products made available through RIVA Racing its respective distributors. If you’re a Sea-Doo lover hoping that 2017 would be the year that RIVA would offer a “RIVA Edition” RXP-X 350, sadly you’re going to have to wait a little while longer. RIVA’s own Dave Bamdas walked The Watercraft Journal through the highlights of this high performance personal watercraft:

Green Seadoo RXP 45_degree

“We wanted everyone to know that when they [the new Sea-Doos] hit dealers’ floors in January, that RIVA Racing will have a full line of performance products – including our Stage I, II and III kits – for all [of Sea-Doo’s] 300-horsepower models. Our R&D [research and development – Ed] team are on the water every single day testing, tweaking and gathering data,” Bamdas explained. Much of the difficult work was done last year to accommodate for the new Rotax ACE 300 1630cc engine, particularly in the form of the new intercooler and relocation of key components. Of those changes were modifications to the RIVA/Wilson billet aluminum intake manifold.

“Because of the position of the new pressure sensor in the [300 series] factory intake manifold, we had to made adjustments to our billet Wilson manifold. Now, we’ve relocated the sensor so that it works for both 300 and previous 260 models.” Bamdas noted. “The stock RXP-X 300 is already making a lot of boost. With our components, we increase that so we didn’t want to split the two-piece plastic manifold.” Speaking of which, the RXP-X wields RIVA’s XX Supercharger Kit, increasing boost to an impressive 17.5psi. Additionally, the RXP-X 350 uses a RIVA Power Filter Kit, RIVA Cool Air Vent Kit, and a RIVA Catch Can/Engine Breather Kit.

Green Seadoo RXP steering system

Although the 300 series’ new intercooler is a dramatic step in the right direction, RIVA’s RXP-X 350 features a new RIVA “Gen 4” Power Cooler that is 25-percent larger than the factory intercooler, yet still fits in the factory location (next to the heat exchanger, above the pump tunnel) without the need of replacement brackets. Built with billet end tanks so it won’t swell when hot, RIVA’s intercooler is fitted with their new Intercooler Tubing Upgrade Kit with a cast-in port for a Tial 50mm Blow-Off Valve (BOV) ensuring the intake charge will remain cool and the manifold won’t see excess boost.

With added boost comes greater thirst, and RIVA’s got the RXP-X 350 covered there too: triple 100lb injectors from RIVA’s Pro-Series Fuel Injector Kit, a new RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit and the RIVA/Vi-Pec V88R3 Pro-Series iControl ECU all manage to feed this beast (as well as dramatically improve its fuel management). Apart from the RIVA Valve Train Upgrade Kit and XX Supercharger, there is nothing that could be considered “invasive” on this build – in all, it’s rather “bolt on.” Concluding the engine performance add-ons are an all-new RIVA Water Box and RIVA Rear Exhaust Kit, allowing the engine to expel spent gases freely through a billet port drilled into the hull.

Green Seadoo RXP engine bay

All of the added power in the world doesn’t amount to much if the watercraft isn’t able to translate that into actual working thrust, and RIVA ensures that happens through a RIVA Stainless Steel Top-Loader Intake Grate (RXP-X), RIVA/Solas Race Pump & Nozzle (161mm/14-vein) and RIVA/Solas Concord 13/18R Impeller. With all of this added thrust, the RXP-X 350 needs to be able to handle, and that is achieved via a RIVA Pro-Series Sponson Kit, RIVA Performance Trim Tabs Kit (Fixed), RIVA Pro-Series Steering System Bundle, RIVA Pro-Bar iControl Handlebars and a pair of ODI Rogue Grips.

The one-of-none RIVA Racing RXP-X 350 also enjoys some refinement in the form of a custom Hydro-Turf Traction Mat Kit, RIVA/Jettrim Custom Seat Cover and RIVA Race Graphics Kit (from Exotic Signs) all tastefully designed to give the craft a clean-yet-striking eye-catching package. Unlike last year’s RIVA Edition FZR 350 (or next year’s RIVA Edition, which we will exclusively reveal here next week), the RXP-X 350 will not be offered as a limited edition PWC to the public.

Green Seadoo riva racing logo

Rather, this vehicle exists solely to illustrate how you the enthusiast can create your own custom machine through RIVA’s performance products, all of which are available right now. ((All of the above hyperlinks lead to current Sea-Doo parts by RIVA. – Ed.)

If you’re interested in seeing the RXP-X 350 in person, it along with the yet-to-be-revealed 2017 RIVA Special Edition ski, will be on display at the official RIVA Racing booth at this year’s IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. If you’re thinking about going, then and there will be your chance to see it in person. Otherwise, you’re free to ogle these pictures.

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