Gallery: Hydro-Turf JetJam Rounds 11 & 12 – Lake Success, Porterville, CA

With this being the last race of the wildly successful Hydro-Turf JetJam racing series, the joy of the season and all the new friendships, was not to be over shadowed by the fact that this was it, the end of the tour. It was ever so poetic that it ended at a lake named Success in Porterville, CA.

Lake Success came with its own unique set of challenges for the Red Shirt Crew which they quickly overcame with the greatest of ease. Putting together a monumental event that will not soon be forgotten. JetJam’s sponsors Hydro-Turf and Bud Light definitely, threw down some huge support. Bud light even set up a stage for Saturday night. Exit 13, a great classic rock band from Central California, put on a great show for everyone for the end of the season party. Racers and crew alike enjoyed this awesome time together. Ever sealing many more friendships and bonds that had been formed over the year.

The fast track, with the long back straight, and sweeping turns, didn’t give the riders a second to rest or make a mistake. With so many of the classes having points chases only a few points apart, there was very little room for error. Like the season points championship in GP1 650/750 that came down to one point. James Hendry barely edged out Cory VanCleave for the overall win. Cory, however took home the season overall in his other class, 550 Vintage. At the same time the sportsmanship was showing everywhere, like racers loaning boats to one another.

Caleb Kile, the Ski GP4 Stock season champion, jumped on the season overall Vet champions, Justin James, Bullet to race the Ski GP2 class for the first time ever and killed it. He finished 3rd on Sunday. JB Gasperone, the Ski GP1 season champion, jumped on a 550 and a 650 for a couple of races. Even Brock Austin got in on the fun racing a 650 for the first time, and not only did he not get last but he rode it in the Ski GP2 Limited class. There was also the triumphant return of Joey Pearce on the #88 boat. Joey had not raced since 2001/2002 and made quite the come back by taking 1st place in the Ski GP2 Limited and Vet Ski Open classes on Saturday.

Oh, did I mention the 2Up X2 race? A challenge was presented to the X2 class, at the awards on the last day of the Mossdale race. It was simple, two riders and a purse of $250. Lose a rider and you’re out. Saturday, Hayden Item and his passenger, Kyle Kreeger, took home the victory. With everyone having so much fun, awkwardly bouncing around the course, they decided to do it all over again on Sunday.

Jet Jam Racing definitely pulled out all the stops for the last race of the year, but they did so for the rest of the season before this as well. There was not one race this season that there wasn’t laughter and smiles all throughout the event. We should all take our hats off to Jet Jam Racing, the Red Shirt Crew and everyone that had a hand in any of this season, for bringing the heart and soul back to jet ski racing.

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Article guest written by Matthew Goade
All photos provided by Kenny Wong, and originals can be purchased HERE.

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