Gallery: Installing KSpeed’s Kawasaki Ultra Atmospheric Trumpet (Video)

We previously published an article about KSpeed’s Kawasaki Ultra Atmospheric Trumpet and ever since then, we have received numerous emails and messages asking us for an installation tutorial.  You asked, and we delivered!

Thanks to KSpeed’s simple instructions, this is one of the easiest installs that you can do for your Kawasaki Ultra platform, including the new 2022-up. It will only take you about 10 minutes and you need four basic tools: 8mm socket, 10mm socket, ratchet, and a flat head screwdriver.

Above left:  Remove both the front and rear seats. Above right: Remove engine bay cover (there are 6 10mm nuts and washers on the 2022+)

Above left: Undo the hose clamp, remove the hose from the bypass valve (it has the vacuum line attached to the throttle body) Above right: Gently tugging on this hose, trace where it goes to the air box

Above left:  Once you have the correct hose, remove it from the air box and install the supplied block off cap in its place; secure with the supplied zip tie (yes, KSPEED even supplies the zip tie) Above right:  Remove the hose from the ski

Above left:  Fit the atmospheric trumpet to the end of this hose and secure firmly with the supplied hose clamp. Secure firmly, but do not over tighten as you may crack the trumpet. Above right:  Feed the other end of this hose down the rear vent tube (which one may vary; look at the hose as to which one provides the most direct path towards the starboard side of the ski and under the throttle body). On the 310 generations, it will be the PORT vent, on most 300’s, it will be the STARBOARD vent

Above left: Once you can see the grey/black hose start to come out the bottom of the vent hose, grab this and guide the rest of the hose down the vent tube. The idea here is to bring the trumpet snuggly into the vent. Pull it through while guiding the top in and make the trumpet flush with the vent Above right: Re-attach the hose onto the bypass valve using the original hose clamp. Ensure the grey/black hose is not rubbing any of the supercharger pulleys or belt. You should be able to route it so that it won’t, but if not, you may need to shorten the hose slightly.

The atmospheric trumpet should not be sitting flush in the vent.  Now you just need to reinstall the engine cover (on the 2022+ models) and your seat. If you want to increase the “PSSSSHHTTT” sound, you can adjust the rear seat pole by 1 – 2 turns up.

When you start your Ultra for the first time after installation, it may stall and stutter.  The ECU is getting used to not seeing the bypassed air back in the system. It will run normal within just a few minutes.

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