Gallery: Kool PWC Stuff Introduces New LinQ-Friendly Racks

Personal Watercraft are known for their ability to navigate through shallow and narrow areas. They allow you to adventure into new places a boat would get stuck in. But, with their smaller size, there are some sacrifices. One of these sacrifices is the amount of storage on board.

While some model have more storage room then others, it is nowhere near the storage a boat would have. If you are finding yourself needing more storage, have no fear! Kool PWC Stuff has just announced a new series of Sea-Doo storage racks. With the purchase of a factory LinQ accessory system, you could install these storage racks on your Kawasaki or Yamaha!

Above: And being from Kool PWC Stuff, each rack can be equipped to carry upwards of 7-gallons of extra fuel using side-mounted Rotopax jerry cans.

The new fishing and storage racks have many advantages compared to other models. Made with all stainless steel including the fishing rod holders, these racks are perfect for saltwater riders but overall proves that it is a quality product. A key aspect of these racks is that they will fit on the front or the back of a LinQ bracket.

On Sea-Doo models you will not need to drill any holes in the deck of your hull but if installing the LinQ brackets on a Yamaha or Kawasaki, you will need to drill a four holes into the deck. This ensures the rack is properly secured. Leaving you with no worries that your cooler will end up in the water.

Above left: Some recent news regarding Kool PWC Stuff is that they have relocated to Clemson, South Carolina and are actively wanting to expand their dealer network. Above right: In the coming months, they will also be expanding their PWC accessories and getting into the ATV Market. 

The racks fit any cooler of your choice from Igloo to Coleman to Yeti. The outside dimensions of the rack are 27.5” x 17.5” x 13.25” top bar and the inside dimensions 26” x 16” x 12.5” top bar. An additional feature these racks offer is that have the ability to carry two Rotopax fuel packs. Carrying those extra fuel packs will increase your range of exploration by giving you up to seven gallons of fuel.

These cooler/fishing/storage racks are built structurally sound, made with quality materials and provide you with the opportunity of trying new things. Maybe you want to start fishing from your PWC, or be the hostess with the good food and ice cold drinks. These racks allow you to do that. An important reminder is that these racks are significantly cheaper than buying a rack directly from Sea-Doo.

KPS Rack Customer IMG_2073 6 rod holder seadoo linQ seadoo cooler IMG-0208 IMG-0208 IMG-0197

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

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