Gallery: P1 Aqua X Round Two; St. Cloud, FL

The P1 AquaX second round took it’s show to East Lake Tohopekaliga, Saint Cloud, Florida on Saturday. Gone are the professional racers and this was strictly a race featuring just the amateur racers. The racers would be sharing the spotlight with the P1 Superstock racers for the second round and the only lake location in the Florida series.

The day kicked off with the mandatory riders briefing. All the riders were looking forward to hitting the water to see who would win and acquiring points to see who would be the overall champions. Professional racer Eric Lagopoulos was on hand to give some of the briefing for the first time, as he will be taking on some of the task as a race director in the future.

After the rider’s briefing it was time for some racing. As the 28 racers lined up at the starting line it was going to be the fastest racer to the first buoy that would claim victory (if they raced a perfect race). One of the fastest riders in the world, Carlito Del Valle was looking to continue his winning streak after claiming his first ever win in Daytona the previous month. As the green flag dropped and the racers took off it was Enrique Chia who took the hole shot in the 300 Class. Chia, on top of his Yamaha FX SVHO, was being chased by Gary Shrigley and Cody Tetreault both on top of their Yamahas. Chia pulled away and maintained the lead throughout the entire moto and claimed his first win of the season.

In the 250 Class it was Kevin Sullivan on his Yamaha FX SVHO who led the pack in his class followed by Carlos Vasquez and Chris Lewis. The 200 Class was looking to see how Amanda LeChaminant recovered from her injuries in Daytona and if she would again gain a podium spot. The 2016 200 Class champion Jennifer Nolan who was DQ’d in Daytona due to a misunderstanding of the rules was destined to get back on top and regain a podium spot. She would claim a win followed by Jose Luis Gonzalez and Eric Diaz in the first moto.

After a break in the action while the P1 Superstock boats completed their racing, the Aqua X riders returned back to the water for the second and final moto of the weekend. Who would take the top podium spots was being asked, and could Enrique Chia take the top podium spot after his convincing win in the first moto? The green flag again dropped and the racers quickly made their way to the first buoy. It would be Gary Shrigley who would take the hole shot followed by Chia.

Both racers would have to race without making any mistakes to see how they would finish. Gary Shrigley was racing a flawless moto but Chia was right alongside him for the majority of the moto and everyone was hoping Chia got that break that he needed to overtake the lead. Unfortunately, Chia pulled his lanyard and dropped back a little as Shrigley made no mistakes. Kevin Wassum took third place in the second moto and garnered himself a podium finish.

In the 250 Class it was a repeat of the first moto with Kevin Sullivan taking the top spot followed by Vasquez and Lewis. The 200 Class saw Gonzalez take the win followed by Nolan and Diaz. Both riders and fans had a great day of racing alike and P1 AquaX said goodbye to St. Cloud. Next stop on the tour takes us to the Gulf Coast to the sandy shores of St. Petersburg Beach, Florida next month where the professional racers will make their return.

P1 Aqua X St. Cloud, FL. final results: 300 Class: 1. Gary Shrigley, 2. Enrique Chia, 3. Kevin Wassum; 250 Class: 1. Kevin Sullivan, 2. Carlos Vasquez, 3. Chris Lewis; 200 Class: 1. Jose Luis Gonzalez, 2. Jennifer Nolan, 3. Eric Diaz

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Kurt NgSaye

Kurt NgSaye

Kurt NgSaye is originally from New York City and after serving many years in the Air Force now calls Melbourne Florida home. He’s a current jet-ski rider/racer He’s an avid photographer and has taken pictures of many events across the sunshine state to include P1 Aqua X and Daytona Freeride. “I’m just out there having fun.”

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