USCG Saves Jet Skier Stranded in Bahamas For 2 Days

Jamaal Bowe left Rose Island on Saturday April 22cd and headed for Nassau. Sometime along the way, his jet ski experienced engine failure in rough seas and he eventually drifted ashore on the southern coast of Sandy Point, Abaco. According to an article in the Tribune 242, Bowe was there for two days with no food or water and managed to survive until the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the Royal Defense Force(RDF) came to his aid and rescued him.

This is how the rescue went down after the RDF received a report from an unknown source concerning a lost jet skier. The Bahamas Royal Defense Force was on another mission so they requested help from the USCG at around 4pm the following Monday. An MH-60 Jay Hawk helicopter crew was then deployed to Great Inagua, Bahamas to assist in the search for the jet skier. The helicopter was dispatched from the air station in Clearwater, Florida. Upon finding the stranded Bowe, the Coast Guard crew hoisted  him into the chopper and proceeded to transport him to shore where the Royal Bahamas Defense Force took over.

It was reported by  WFTV9 that Bowe claimed that he was stuck in the Abaco’s for two days after his ski broke down. Fortunately, he was able to contact police by cell phone to let them know that he was close to a red and white lighthouse. After the RDF took charge, Bowe was transported to a medical facility where he was treated and released.

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Ocean Priselac

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