Gallery: RIVA Racing ’21 Yamaha FX1800R & GP1800R Limited Editions

While we were on lockdown, RIVA Racing went all out and upgraded two of Yamaha SVHO-powered WaveRunners into their own specialized Limited Editions as only RIVA can do. This year, they put out 15 units each of the 2021 Yamaha GP1800R Limited Edition and 2021 Yamaha FX1800R Limited Edition. For the look this year, the RIVA team went with a stealthier vision for the 2021 models, wrapping them in black with touches of a striking electric blue and dashes of white stripes in all of the right places. The electric blue really pops, and the machines look absolutely fierce!

Digging into the vast array of components that RIVA used to build the Limited Edition Yamaha GP1800R, it all begins with the RIVA MaptunerX Yamaha License. This accesses the RIVA tuning library and making it easy to switch between performance tunes and back to stock settings. RIVA upgraded the fuel system with the RIVA Yamaha 1.8L High Flow Billet Fuel Rail. This supports the increased horsepower when used with the supercharger modification, as it replaces the restrictive factory fuel rail for improved fuel delivery – plus it makes the engine bay look waaay better.

In order to keep the engine cool, a RIVA Yamaha 2021 GP1800R SVHO Power Filter Kit was added. The power filter provides the supercharged engine a steady flow of cool air that also increases acceleration by replacing the restrictive stock air box with a high-volume, precision-formed intake duct. A RIVA Yamaha 1.8L Engine Breather Upgrade Kit was installed to eliminate pesky power-robbing crankcase emissions from the engine’s air intake – also help increase horsepower.

The factory supercharged was fitted with the RIVA Yamaha Supercharger Shaft Upgrade Kit. With this kit, comes the ultimate in reliability for high boost applications and it features an innovative hydraulic shaft stabilization bearing that limits wear and shaft deflection. A through-shaft oiling system maximizes lubrication. RIVA added the all-new Gen-3 Power Cooler Kit to this machine as well. This bad boy’s cooler element is rated for up to 600-horsepower with exit temperatures averaging 50F cooler than stock.

Speaking of cooling, a SVHO Pro-Series Engine Cooling Upgrade was added. This improves cooling to the engine and the intercooler, adding increased performance and reliability. Another component that increases engine reliability is the Yamaha Valve Retainer Upgrade Kit. The valve retainer reduces the possibility of valve float at high rpm. The crew replaced the stock exhaust with one of their Yamaha rear exhaust kits. The RIVA rear exhaust kit allows for removal of restrictive sound suppression system and improves engine performance with the reduction of back pressure and restriction.

A Solas Yamaha 160mm Concord 13/18 Impeller provides the WaveRunner with increased acceleration and top speed. In order to reduce cavitation, a RIVA Yamaha Gen-2 GP1800 SVHO Pump Seal Kit was installed on the PWC. A stainless steel RIVA Yamaha Gen-2 GP1800 SVHO Top-Loader Intake Grate was also added to reduce cavitation and improve speed in rough waters. Also added was a RIVA Yamaha Gen-2 GP1800 Ride Plate, a powder coated component that provides the rider with improved handling and increased top speeds in a variety of water conditions. It also helps to reduce porpoising, which is super helpful in heavy surf.

To aid in steering, RIVA replaced the bulky OEM system with their stronger and lighter unit, the RIVA Yamaha GP1800R Pro-Series Steering System. The steering system is made of billet aluminum, which is built for strength and rigidity. A set of RIVA Pro-Bar 30” Runabout Handlebars round out the steering system. These good looking handlebars are constructed from a proprietary aluminum alloy that offers maximum strength with reduced vibration. Black 130mm ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips with no flange complete the set.

A non-slip RIVA Yamaha 2021 GP1800R Seat Cover with black and blue stitching ties in perfectly with the Yamaha 2021 GP1800R Limited Edition graphics. This watercraft wouldn’t be complete without a set of RIVA Yamaha GP1800 Pro-Series Sponsons. They greatly improve handling and straight-line stability, enabling you to easily leave your opponent in the dust at the starting line. There are only a few differences in components between the 2021 RIVA Yamaha GP1800R and the 2021 RIVA Yamaha FX1800R Limited Editions and they are as follows:

The RIVA FX1800R features the  RIVA Yamaha FX SVHO Power Filter Kit, which delivers a constant flow of cold air. A RIVA Yamaha FX SVHO Top-Loader Intake Grate replaces the stock grate. The RIVA FX Performance Ride Plate provides better handling and greatly reduces cavitation. ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips were installed on the Yamaha FX1800R’s RIVA Pro-Bar Handlebars instead of the ODI Rogue Lock-On grips.

Each one of these boats a roaring 350-horsepower that delivers amazing acceleration with blistering speeds of up to 86 mph. (Remember, a stock GP1800R hits a maximum speed of 68mph.) We’re talking an increase of 20mph…that’s huge! The 2021 Yamaha GP1800R Limited Edition and the 2021 Yamaha FX1800R Limited Edition are priced at $29,895 each.

These machines were built for professional riders who demand the ultimate in power and performance. They definitely are not suitable for the average Joe. The Limited Edition units are offered exclusively through RIVA Racing, a division of RIVA Motorsports. For more information or to order, contact RIVA at or call (954) 785-2684.

[As of the publishing of this story, all 15 of the 2021 RIVA Racing GP1800R Limited Edition WaveRunners have been claimed and sold. Availability on the 2021 RIVA Racing FX1800R Limited Edition remains currently open – so if you want one, you better act quickly. –Ed.]

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