Getting Started With Australia’s SCJSC President, Matt O’Connor

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The Sunshine Coast Jet Sports Club (SCJSC) is a non-profit organization run by jet ski enthusiasts. They aim to lead by example promoting safe and courteous riding through public education and hope to create a better public image of Jet skis in the community. In a recent interview with SCJSC president Matt O’Connor, he explained what it is that he loves about jet skiing and what it is that motivates him to run the club and ensure its longevity.

“In the beginning I took over the club not necessarily because I wanted to but more so because if I hadn’t the club wouldn’t have lasted,” Mr O’Connor said. “Riding gets your adrenaline going and I find it addictive constantly trying to master new tricks and reach the goals I set for myself.”

“We’ve got a great group of riders in the club that stick together like a family which is what you need when you’re out on the water, someone to keep an eye on you and make sure you’re okay. We are all about community and practicing safe riding habits while still getting out there and having fun.”

Mr O’Connor also had some advice for anyone wanting to start jet skiing. “Do your research, get your gear and jet ski and then when you’re ready to start contact the club and we will get you out on the water.”

At least once every three months SCJSC try and organize a social ride for club groups to explore outside of the Caloundra and Mooloolaba areas in the safety of a planned ride. These have been very successful in the past with 30 to 50 riders turning up at each ride and then staying on for a planned BBQ afterwards. Over the last 5 years SCJSC have completed multiple Social rides to Moreton Island, Noosa and Bribie Island for the day.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming social ride to Moreton Island on May 9th be sure to contact the club for more information.

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