Videos: Keep Your Yamaha Cooler And Making More Power With RIVA Cooling Kits


Anybody who knows anything about performance will attest that it’s all about power-to-weight ratios. While the Kawasaki Ultra 310X is cranking out some serious ponies, it’s heft brings the big JetSki’s horsepower-per-pound to 0.29 HP per pound. Meanwhile, although the sleek Yamaha SVHO only spits out a little less than 260 horsepower, the use of its NanoXcel2 lightweight hull and deck material radically increases its ratio to 0.33 HP per pound.

While that difference of 4 horsepower might sound miniscule, were the Kawi and Yamaha to weigh the same – say a nice round number like 1,000 pounds, that’d be a difference of 40 horsepower in the SVHO’s favor. So what would happen if the SVHO spat out a whole heck of a lot more grunt? Well, you’d have a rocket on your hands, wouldn’t you? And conventional wisdom has shown that there’s a lot of untapped potential within the big 1,812cc supercharged 4-cylinder.

Central to making power – and keeping the engine together – is managing internal engine temperatures. That’s where RIVA Racing comes to the rescue once again. Whether its dropping the engine coolant temperature or cooling and condensing the intake charge’s temp, RIVA’s one-two punch of cooling upgrades is a sure-fire way to increase performance and longevity on your high performance WaveRunner.

Below we’ve included two videos from RIVA’s studios as well as their own words describing these two great products:

RIVA Racing Yamaha SVHO Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit
Our Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit delivers dramatically improved cooling efficiency to engine and oil cooler for increased performance and reliability. Greatly enhances water flow & pressure by replacing restrictive OEM pump strainer & water fittings with high-flow billet components and superior routing. Features special billet fitting that injects water into “hot spot” of your engine block where OEM zinc anode is located. Allows addition of aftermarket ECU’s, high-boost compressor wheels and other performance modifications that can increase heat & detonation. Includes all necessary waterlines, hardware, fittings and detailed installation instructions.

RIVA Racing Yamaha FX/FZ SHO GEN-2 Power Cooler Kit
The RIVA ‘GEN-2’ Power Cooler intercooler system features a new high-capacity cooler element that is rated for up to 500hp! Huge cooler core resists heat soak under the most demanding high boost/high temperature applications. Delivers an increase of 20 peak horsepower over OEM intercooler providing arm-wrenching results on the water. Quality manufacturing of cooler core delivers minimal pressure drops and excellent thermal efficiency. The cooling element is dramatically more efficient than the stock unit with exit temperatures averaging 60°F cooler than stock. This delivers cooler, denser air for increased performance throughout the RPM range. Innovative design allows easy disassembly of cooler element & ducting for maintenance and cleaning. Features integrated blow-off valve mount that will accept RIVA/HKS Blow-Off Valve kit (sold separately) for improved supercharger reliability and performance. Power Cooler installs securely with shock absorbing rubber mounting system and stainless steel hardware. Kit contains all necessary hardware and detailed installation instructions.

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