To Bring Back King of Speed Alley Radar Runs to 2016 Mudbug


Image by Mark Clemons

What once started as a group of friends, grew into a gathering that was bursting at the seams. Jerry Gaddis, founder of, the industry’s single largest PWC enthusiast forum, began the Mudbug as a day of food, fun and heads up drag racing. As fate would have it, speeds increased as quickly as attendance, and the overwhelming liability of hosting an unsanctioned drag race was enough for Gaddis to wisely cancel that portion of the event.

The Mudbug continued, but not with the same fervor. Gone was the buzz from the pit area, the whisperings and rumors of “who brought what” and “how fast so-and-so was.” Instead, it continued as a fun run, a weekend of shooting the bayous and enjoying a cold drink in the shade of a low-hanging cypress tree – interspersed with some group rides through the Spanish moss at full speed for good measure.

Then, thanks to a nostalgic pic from a 2006 Mudbug posted on the GH Facebook wall by Mark Clemons, the conversation fired up again. “Could the Mudbug bring back drag racing?” The answer sadly, was no. But Gaddis jumped in and asked whether folks would be interested in a “King of Speed Alley” radar run showdown. The response was overwhelming. Gaddis then coyly wrote on the Mudbug Nationals thread: “Just heard a little rumor that someone will be on a boat holding a radar gun the Saturday morning of Mudbug. So start getting those skis prepped now to be the King of Speed Alley at Mudbug.

“Dates? Good question…. We will be paying close attention to the pending high water situation. We don’t want to plan something only to have no wake zones in effect. It’s still very early on so we have plenty of time to make solid plans. Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year!”

Although a set date hasn’t been announced, it believed that the 2016 Mudbug will return sometime in late May/early June, which might interfere with the burgeoning race schedule continuing to be rolled out. The Watercraft Journal will announce when the date is finalized. Additionally, the winner of the fastest speed recorded at the King of Speed Alley radar run showdown will be the subject of a full length feature article here at The Watercraft Journal, so stay tuned!

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