Video: V-Tech Reflashed ECU Pushes Stock Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 Over 80mph


Ever since the release of the 300-horsepower Sea-Doos back in September, there has been a lot of speculation as to what they would be capable of once “unlocked” with ECU tuning. As we had expected, V-Tech Tuned came through and answered this question for us. The V-Tech crew is always hard at work trying to squeeze more performance out of today’s PWC by means of tuning the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This time, they started with a box stock 2016 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 RS, which is basically an international model RXP-X with no speed limiter. The RS models are known to run between 71-72 mph on average, with some reports as high as 75.5 mph (under ideal conditions). While those numbers are plenty impressive, V-Tech knew there was more speed to be gained.

After working their magic with the ECU and raising the rev limiter to 8450 rpm, V-Tech took the ski out for testing, and hit a rather shocking speed. It got up to an unbelievable GPS-confirmed 81 miles per hour (130.5 km/h)! Talk about a stock class killer! If this thing reaches 81 mph with nothing more than a solitary ECU tune, imagine what it’s capable of after a full blown race setup. After a more aggressive ECU tune, properly pitched impeller to handle the extra power, and all the other aftermarket goodies, it may very well be in the mid 80s. Mid 80s partnered with the amazing handling the T3 hulls are known for equates to a closed course monster! Check out the V-Tech tuned RXP-X 300 in action in the video below.

And, on December 31st, Jonatan Holmelius and crew managed an impressive 82mph at 8650rpm on a very chilly (-5 Celsius) day:

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