Greenhulk’s Got RIVA MaptunerX Tuning For Yamaha Outboards

Greenhulk is the industry standard for PWC forums and information. Interestingly and not well known, they also provide information, modifications and service for some outboard platforms.

Case and point. Greenhulk via Jerry Gaddis recently announced that they now have a tune for your Yamaha outboard with your Maptuner X and they even sell the cables!

They have licenses for you to choose what is best for you. The F50 – F130 + HPDI can tune these engines 70 HP – 120 HP. The F150 – F200 +HPDI can be tuned 185 HP – 200 HP. The F200 3.3L – F350 4.2L can tune to 275HP.

If you already have a RIVA MapTunerX Handheld Tuner, all you have to do is grab your cables and tuning license from Greenhulk and if you don’t have a MapTunerX, you can pick yours up from them also!

If you have a Yamaha outboard or know of someone that does, this is the chance to get top performance out of your boat, thanks to the hard work from the guys at Greenhulk.

Get your tuner, license and connection cables HERE!

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Chris Stone

Chris has always had a sense of adventure and ever since he rented his first PWC, has completely fallen in love with the sport. The owner and host of the Adventure State, Chris also has a newfound passion to help others learn more about the industry.

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