HP Tuners Now Available in the GreenHulk Store

HP Tuners is now available in the GreenHulk Store at a discounted price! HP Tuners is one of the most popular tuning options in the automotive world and recently added support for BRP vehicles powered by the Bosch 17.8.5 ECU (which includes most of the Sea-Doo models).

Having the capability to use HP Tuners will open up a new world and opportunity for individuals wanting to do their own tuning; this is quite a powerful tool with many capabilities commonly found on more expensive standalone ECU options.

Powersports Diagnostic and Calibration Support Features and Benefits:

  • Get access to more and better-defined parameters than our competitors with VCM Editor.
  • Experience the quickest read and write times for BRP applications.
  • Monitor your performance and collect data with state-of-the-art data logging and scanning capabilities using VCM Scanner.
  • Connect, read, edit, and write directly through your diagnostic port with our BRP and Polaris-specific OBDII Adapter Cables.
  • Do it all with VCM Suite-custom tune for more power (more boost), adjust speed limiters, and adjust torque management and driver demand tables for increased throttle response with full control over air, fuel, and spark.
  • Save time and money with the ability to license and edit every HP Tuners-supported vehicle in your garage with a single MPVI2/2+ device and Universal Credits-tune your UTV, your truck, and your track car.
  • HP Tuners offers 3rd party Wideband sensors that can be wired in using Pro Link+ and PFS for data logging with VCM Scanner so you can have eyes on all your vehicle’s vitals.

All Sea-Doo vehicles require 4 Universal Credits and OBDII adapter cable! In the GreenHulk Store you will find a HP Tuners Sea-Doo bundle with everything needed to start tuning for $584.95. This package includes a new MPVI3, 4 Universal Credits, and the OBDII adapter cable. For monitoring AFR when data logging, the Pro Link+ cable is also required.

We are looking forward to experimenting with HP Tuners and we are offering 10% off to all GreenHulk customers for a limited time. HP Tuners is still relatively new in the powersports community; everyone will benefit by using the HP Tuners section of our forum to share ideas and ask questions.

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Greg Gaddis

Greg Gaddis is a die-hard PWC enthusiast. Son of the founder of the worlds largest PWC forum and performance parts store, skis play a major part of his life seven days a week. While his first love are PWCs, his passion for mechanics does not stop there. He has a knack for anything with an engine and can’t help but tinker.

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