Introducing Jobe EVO Wakeboard Modular Bindings


We love the advancement of technology, particularly when it enters into our hobbies and daily lives. Can you imagine football where players still wore leather caps and wool sweaters instead of the modern pads and helmets of today? That’s what we’re talking about! So, it would only make sense that we cheer when we see an industry leader step up the technological design of their products such as what Jobe has recently done.

Wakeboard bindings are typically a big, clumsy affair that are very slightly removed from their snowboard siblings. Taking a page from the advancements in snowboard bindings, Jobe sought to create the first-ever “modular” wakeboard binding, giving birth to the EVO. The EVO is a sneaker that is separate from the binding itself, allowing for the wakeboarder to quickly insert and remove their foot without all of the effort of typical bindings.

The new modular system also offers superior contact with the board surface, allowing for the wakeboarder to retain an intimate feel of the board while riding. It’s pretty exciting stuff, so read Jobe’s original press release and watch the video below:


The moment where you all have been waiting for is finally here: today Jobe uncovered the final details of their game-changing new product: Jobe EVO. We have to be honest here: expectations were a bit high because of all the promises made in their recent Jobe EVO product video, but they seemed to have fulfilled all!

Both the new website and action video show why Jobe EVO truly is an evolution in wakeboarding. The video clearly shows how it’s modular binding system makes it easy for you get on the board, saving you important wakeboarding time. Because your EVO sneaker is separate from the EVO housing, the more expensive (ánd fashion-proof) sneaker is less likely to wear out fast. This saves you a lot of money in the long run!

Furthermore, the Jobe EVO improves your direct control. The heel lift is fully eliminated and your heel cap is also gone, leading to more direct contact with your board. The total weight is equal to other high-end Jobe bindings, making it a very low weight product. More advantages of the Jobe EVO can be seen on the brand new website. One last notable thing: the designs are fully customizable, so if you want to create your own style: it is possible now!

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