Videos: Modified Yamahas In Ultimate SVHO vs. SHO Showdown

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One of the best qualities of the Yamaha FZR is the potential for big speed. A slick, lightweight hull and a 1.8L engine make for a ski capable of speeds far beyond the 80mph mark once modified. Some FZRs are even running in the upper 90s! Here’s a showdown between a couple of modified mid-80s Yamaha FZRs: The camera is on a 2013 FZR SHO and the ski he is racing is a 2014 FZR SVHO.

The modifications on the 2014 SVHO were a Dean’s Team reflash ECU, Jim’s cut ride plate, Fizzle intercooler, ribbon delete, Kanaflex intake, RIVA through-hull exhaust outlet, and a 13/18 Solas impeller. The 2013 SHO at the time had a V-Tech ECU tune, ET Low Boost supercharger wheel, Fizzle intercooler, Jim’s cut SVHO ride plate, Kanaflex intake, ribbon delete, through-hull exhaust, and a Skat-Trak 13/17.5 impeller. As you can see, that wasn’t quite enough to get around the 2014 SVHO.

After a tough loss like that, you can do one of two things; either admit defeat and take the loss or get to wrenching and arrange a rematch. The SHO rider chose the latter. After adding boost with an ET 15.5 supercharger wheel, installing larger injectors, an R&D billet supercharger shaft, a Solas 13/18 from an SVHO, and larger pump and steering nozzle, the SHO was ready to take on the SVHO yet again.

In the first rematch, the revised SHO pulled away at the hit of the throttle and never looked back. In the second race, they seemed to be pretty close in acceleration, and the SHO walked away in the top end. So what’s the moral to the story? If you have an SHO and get beat, don’t get mad. Get wrenching!

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