Jet Renu Expands to Include All Types of Motorsports


Jet Renu has set the bar high for PWC cleaning products. They have grown rapidly over the last few years especially and show no signs of slowing down. Recently, Jet Renu decided to expand their product line to include not only PWC, but all motorsports.

After broadening their focus to all motorsports, they re-engineered a few of their products, including their best selling product, Pink+. They have revised it to better withstand intense heat. They have also improved their Anti-fog products to sustain heavy perspiration.

Aside from the research and development that has been going on at the Jet Renu facility, they have also been hard at work in the marketing department. They have released “Jet Paks,” which will allow customers to buy their favorite Jet Renu products in bundle packs. Each kit will include three products along with two microfiber towels as well as an applicator.


Jet Renu released four of these Jet Paks designed with watercraft athletes in mind; they include an Essential Pak, Cleaner Pak, Restoration Kit Pak, and a Moto Pak. The Essential Pak, as the name implies, is a must have if you want your watercraft to look as good as possible. It includes Purple marine wax, Pink+ shine, and a protective agent. The Cleaner Pak has everything you will need to keep your craft looking nice and clean. It includes Green cleaner, Yellow degreaser, and Purple marine wax.

The Restoration Kit Pak is what you will want if you’re trying to make your ski look like it just came off the showroom floor again. It includes C1, C2, and C3 restoration products. And last but certainly not least is the Moto Pak. It includes everything you will want to keep plastic, vinyl, and even rubber surfaces from fading and cracking, and is ideal for PWC, dirtbikes, ATVs, and many more! The kit includes Dry Wash, Protector, and Renu Shield.

And as an added bonus, Jet Renu will raffle off one of these $200 valued kits after each exhibitor day during World Finals! So make sure to be there and enter to win!

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