Kawasaki Unveils Enhanced ‘Build & Price’ Tool

If you’ve shopped on the Kawasaki website before, you may have gotten some good use out of their “Build and Price” tool, a convenient way of seeing real-time price comparisons as you check out the different options available for their wide variety of recreational vehicles.

Well, luckily for customers, they recently announced a new and upgraded version of this tool, which is set to really enhance the online shopping experience.

Their new interactive Build & Price tool, available currently for the Ridge and Ridge XR lines, allows users to access a three-dimensional model of the Kawasaki Ridge as they compare models, packages, add-ons, and accessories. Along with the price difference of each option, the simulator also provides a visual representation of what the end product would look like, allowing for an all-around more informed decision at the time of purchase.

The simulator offers 360-degree views and lets users toggle through backgrounds for a more realistic view. What’s more, there’s even the option to put yourself behind the steering wheel to get a feel for how the interior changes with each upgrade.

While the upgraded Build & Price tool is currently only available for the Ridge and Ridge XR lines, Kawasaki has confirmed that it will be expanded to more models as the software is further developed, meaning there’s a good chance we’ll be able to use the tool for PWC shopping as well. Meanwhile, the standard version of the Build & Price Tool is still available to help with your purchase of any Kawasaki PWC. 

To check out Kawasaki’s impressive customization tool, visit their website and click on the “Build & Price” button on any of their vehicles.

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