Videos: RIVA & Precision EFI Develop Tunable ECU for 2024 Sea-Doo 325

It was only a matter of time before RIVA Racing cracked the code on not only reflashing the ECU of the new 325-horsepower Sea-Doos, but have it ready to be reprogrammed using a Maptuner. Amazingly, that day is today and RIVA Racing is excited to announce that this new Unlocked MG1 ECU is the ECU that the new Sea-Doo should’ve come with from the factory.

The product of the pairing of RIVA Racing and Precision EFI, the new Unlocked MG1 ECU ($1894.95) is fully tunable using RIVA’s Maptuner tuning devices – meaning, no more sending off your factory ECU to be cracked open, monkeyed with, soldered back together and shipped back. Heck, it even comes with its own tuning license.

So now you can plug the MG1 in, plug in your Maptuner Nano and access the entirety of RIVA’s massive tuning library just like any 300 ACE engine. These ECU’s are ready to ship out May 24th so get your orders in right now if you want to get yours as quickly as possible. [And for those certain to ask yes, this will void your factory warranty. It’s for competition use only. –Ed.]

Here’s the original press release from RIVA Racing:
The RIVA Sea-Doo 325 Unlocked MG1 ECU is the “gateway” part to unleashing the full potential of your 325hp supercharged Sea-Doo engine! This direct replacement ECU is ‘Plug-n-Play’ and fully programmable with Maptuner Tuning Devices (sold separately), eliminating the need to ship your ECU out for programming. Includes required Tuning License that gives you access to RIVA’s World Famous Tuning Library along with unmatched technical support.


  • Fully programmable with Maptuner Nano (BRP) or Maptuner X Tuning Devices (sold separately).
  • Enables installation of additional performance upgrades.
  • Works on all 2024 & newer 325hp Sea-Doo models.
  • Includes RIVA/Maptuner Tuning License.
  • Access to our World Famous Tuning Library.
  • Retain your original ECU.
  • Unlock technology supplied by Precision EFI

Note: Requires Maptuner Nano (BRP) or Maptuner X Tuning Devices (sold separately) to read your original ECU and then program new unlocked ECU.


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