Marichalar Set For 1519 Historical World Tour Aboard A Sea-Doo

In the year 1519, Portuguese and Spanish explorers set out on a voyage led by Ferdinand Magellan which would culminate in the first circumnavigation of the globe ultimately in 1522 by Juan Sebastian Elcano.

500 years later, the #1519WorldTour2019 is honoring the historical achievements of those early Portuguese and Spanish world navigators. Led by Alvaro de Marichalar of the Monaco Yacht Club, he has been riding his ST3 hulled Sea-Doo along many of the same ports and locations as did those early explorers.

Alvaro completed the first stage of the voyage last month starting in Seville, Spain and ending in Bayonne, France. Following the original circumnavigation’s historical departure dates, he made it from Seville to Sanlucar on August 10 and then waited 40 days to set out for Lisbon, Portugal.

The second stage from Monaco to Malaga, Spain has been underway and following this journey, he will make it to the Canary Islands where he will then attempt to make the Atlantic Ocean crossing to America.

There is no word on set dates or where exactly he plans to arrive to but Alvaro will be accompanied by a support vessel on this transatlantic journey. Luckily it is approaching the end of hurricane season for the Atlantic region but we imagine his team will be keeping a close eye on the weather for this dangerous trip.

We wish Alvaro luck in this historic journey that is meant to promote knowledge, respect, and love toward our oceans as well as towards the history of Spain, Portugal, and all of Europe.

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Brice Leckrone

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