Motonautica Mexico Joins IJSBA for 2017

Motonautica Mexico has signed on as the IJSBA’s newest international affiliate and is no stranger to powerboat racing. The group has been on the cutting edge of Mexico’s PWC scene since 2010 and is Mexico´s largest and most essential boating association, making Montonautica Mexico a welcome addition to the IJSBA. It has seven races lined up in Mexico this year with Charles Large, a former IJSBA organizer, leading the way. According to the IJSBA’s press release, special invitation incentives will be offered to competitors from overseas. Here is a list what is included in the special incentive package as stated in an article on the IJSBA’s website: Motonautica Mexico is offering a “free seat” for an American or Canadian driver interested in racing in Mexico. This includes hotel accommodations, no entry fee, a competitive ModVP boat or PWC, fuel, crew, and a few other perks.

Also, riders leading in points, will represent Mexico’s national teams at the 36th annual IJSBA World Finals in October, which will be held in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The crew from IJSBA expects big things to come from the inclusion of the Mexican series, like a higher number of international attendees. Some of the awesome locations include Acapulco, Cancun, and Campeche, so these should draw a sizable crowd of competitors and spectators since people love to visit those places. The first event of the series took place in Acapulco last month and was a great success with no accidents and close to 35 boats in the race.The series should continue to thrive, building on the momentum of the first race. The resurgence of jet ski racing in Mexico may just succeed with the assistance of the IJSBA.

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