Judge Denies Bail For Pair of Jet Ski Joy Riders

in neighbors driveway

Illawarra Mercury News of Australia reported that a pair of thieves snagged a $7,000 jet ski from a house near Lake Illawarra. Dylan Triggs of Lemeah and Samantha Chandler of Macquarie Fields wanted to take the ski for a joy ride and instead ended up leading police officers on a wild chase in their car.

After stealing a set of license plates, Triggs and Chandler attached the trailered jet ski to the vehicle and were set to put it in the lake so they could go for a ride until law enforcement officers spotted the car towing the alleged stolen property and attempted to pull Triggs over. Rather than heed the officers, he swerved into another lane, cut off an ambulance, and fled! His car ended up in a ditch and he proceeded to flee on foot. Officers quickly apprehended him and placed him under arrest.

After the two of them were arrested, they were each charged with two counts of larceny. Triggs faced additional charges of fleeing police, driving an unregistered vehicle, using stolen tags, and Driving Under the Influence.

Chandler denied she knew that the personal watercraft was stolen and claimed that Triggs showed up with the trailer and watercraft attached to his car.

When Triggs made his attempt to get a bail set, Sargent Jacob, probably the arresting officer disputed this because Triggs was a known habitual criminal and posed a risk to public safety. He was also unemployed.

The larcenous duos’ defense attorney, Laura Fennel, said that Triggs was having problems with his children, dealing with a recent break up, and using meth. She proceeded to explain to the court that he needed to attend a 30-day drug rehabilitation center and upon completion, he should live with his parents.

Meanwhile, Chandler pleaded for release through using the excuse that she needed to see her children begin school and her ties to the community were strong. Fennell agreed and stated that the young mother would report to the police on a regular basis.

Bail was denied to both parties.

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