One Million Dollars in Preorders for Valo Hyperfoil Watercraft

We have a follow up to the early December article on the Valo Electric Hyperfoil Personal Watercraft with the retractable hydrofoil blades. Boundary Layer, the company responsible for designing the Valo, has received a little over one million dollars in preorders for its hyperfoil. Boundary Layer has been working on a series of electric hydrofoiing vessels capable of transporting light freight and they have electric hydrofoil passenger ferries in development.

After raising $90 million in funds for those projects and placing them on hold, they moved into designing the Valo to grab a piece of the consumer market for PWC. According to Boundary Layer’s CEO and founder, Ed Kearney, the company has received a little over $1 million worth of preorders for the $59,000 luxury watercraft. The company charges a $1,000 refundable deposit to get on the waiting list for a Valo. Kearney says they are on track to produce a prototype in early February-

“After being live for just three weeks we have slightly over $1 million worth of vehicles reserved, mostly to folks in the US, and one customer in Kuwait,” Kearney tells me, adding that the company is “on track to demonstrate the prototype in early February.” We’ll see if Boundary Layer will stay focused on the Valo long enough to roll out its “Founders Edition” watercraft.

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