P1 AquaX Whiting Grand Prix Brief Recap

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The third annual P1 AquaX Whiting Grand Prix took place August 11th and 12th at Lake Front Park in Whiting, Indiana. It went off with some of the top Pro-Am racers from the USA and Canada. JetX racer Jay Edworthy, a 300 Class rider and defending champion of the North East Region went toe-to-toe with Chris Saxon and Tyler Hill. Edworthy took some falls in Race 1 and those led to his demise, according a piece on the IJSBA website.

Race 2 saw Eric Lagopoulos take the top spot with Hill and Saxon taking second and third respectively. Edworthy grabbed a solid fourth. This was Hill’s best finish in AquaX. Unfortunately, Sunday brought an end to Hill’s killer run. His machine suffered mechanical issues, which finished his great run. Canada’s Dave Davidson took advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on Hills on bad luck and brought home a third place finish for Canada. Meanwhile Lagopoulos and Saxon battled for first and second until the end when Lagopoulous snagged first in the overall. Saxon did well grabbing second overall. Anthony Radetic finished fourth overall, his best finish yet for AquaX event.

Newcomer, Errol Lange, took the overall win in the 200 Class. This was his debut in runabout racing. He’s a stand up rider and took a shot at AquaX Enduro and it paid off in dividends. His preparations included training on his Kawasaki STX-15F with Jason Lester from the St.Pete/Clearwater team. Lange was stoked about heading into Chicago for the next race.

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Ocean Priselac

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